Building a Healthy Community One Individual at a Time

Vulnerability to addiction is as individual as the person. Risks factors for each person can change overtime.  Generics don’t always predict whether a person will become addicted to a drug, but often do. A trained and licensed addiction treatment provider can help determine the best treatments to lead to a successful recovery. With the right sober living environment and a quality support group it’s possible to reverse the long-term effects of prescription pain killer abuse.

Many people struggle with pain. Often finding themselves addicted to opioid drugs. They feel hopeless about regaining control of their lives again.  In the beginning these individuals experience positive effects using opioids. They go about living their lives normally.  Overtime our bodies build a resistance to the medication and prescribed dosage. Individuals start to feel a need for higher doses or an increased frequency to feel comfortable again. There are difficulties even with a moderate use of opioids.  The consequence of large doses of opioid pain medication can be sleepiness and slow breathing, which can result in death.

Management and Prevention

It’s no secret there is an opioid epidemic in the US.  As a prescription pain reliever, opioid addiction claimed over 20 thousand lives in 2015. The cause was overdose. Prior to 2016 state and federal governments began their efforts to improve prescription drug monitoring programs.  The initiative was to check and regulate prescriptions.  It also included watching the dispensing of opioid pain killers.  As a result, several states have implemented prescribing policies to prevent the risk of over prescribing.  States have also taken actions through research for alternative treatments for opioid use disorders.

Reducing Prescription Pain Killer Abuse

Today there are more treatment resources and government guidelines available.  The information aids in prescribing decisions and preventatives to over prescribing opioid pain medications have greatly improved. The significance of the opioid epidemic in the US has increased the access of treatment for people addicted to opioid pain killers. The goal is to restore good health to individuals through proper recovery methods such as long-term sober living. These steps are helping to reduce the number of individuals that overdose. The addiction treatment resources are helping individuals with a combination of life skills, counseling and behavioral therapy to treat opioid abuse.

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Are you suffering from opioid addiction or know someone going through difficulties?  There’s help available.  Family centered approaches provide comprehensive substance abuse solutions.  Treatment providers like Casa Nuevo Vida can help clients with an opioid abuse issue to regain control of their lives. Today, treatment communities like ours are improving health day by day. Let us show you the way. It’s simple, pick up the phone and get help for you or your loved ones today.