Hi everybody, today we went to the Ricki Lake show because Dr. Drew was on today! It was cool to go hear him and support this fight against addiction. They called me out of the audience to talk about how i am doing now. I will have 6 months sober on the 28th of this month! Im so excited and proud.I cant believe i have made it this far, but taking direction from other people who have been there rather than myself has carried me a long way. I cant stress how important 12 step meeting are for not only the addict but the family of the addict. My mother attends al-anon and it has changed her life so much. It helps her with her life and how to live for herself and not for my addiction. Id really suggest this to anyone who has a family member suffering. You have to get yourself healed in some way and al-anon is the way to do it!