A recovering addict needs a lot of discipline and determination if they are to overcome their problem. After going through addiction rehab, it is important for you to do the right things. A crucial decision that you have to make is to ensure that you do not go back to the things that tempt you to relapse. Old drinking friends come with a high risk, and it is best to avoid them.

Reasons to eliminate old drinking friends from your life

Bring back memories of “good times”

Everyone loves reminiscing about the good old days. If you make a habit of meeting up with your old drinking friends, they will try to remind you how much fun you had back then drunk. After making the decision to uphold sober living, such memories are not in your best interests.

They put you in high-risk situations

The first few months after addiction rehab are crucial. You need to ensure that you do not risk the gains you have made by exposing yourself to risky situations. Your old friends are likely to ask you to meet them at their favorite bar. Unless you maintain your focus, you may be tempted to meet them there. It is not a good idea to heed to such requests, so the best option is to stay away from such friends.

They do not have your best interests in mind

Although it may seem like they genuinely care about your welfare, your old drinking friends will not have your best interests at heart. Considering that you have chosen a path that they are unable to take, they may not be happy to see you succeed. You are better placed talking to people that want you to enjoy sober living in Los Angeles.

They cannot offer you the support you need

For you to beat addiction, you need to have a strong support system. Peer support is especially crucial in the whole process. Your old drinking friends probably can’t offer a good support system. Instead, they are likely to discourage you from staying on the straight and narrow path.

Whether the people dragging you down are old friends or family members, you should place your interests first by staying away from them.