For those who are running away from addiction, natural highs that don’t do any harm to the body are hard to come into. Yes, there’s chocolate and various kinds of sweets. There are relaxing massages and spas that offer treatments that mimic a kind of relaxing high. But there’s one scientifically proven natural high that’s a great adjacent treatment for those in sober living homes.

A lot of people have been skeptical about the virtues of running. Yes, the natural high we’re talking about is none other than running. You don’t need expensive shoes or high tech gear to experience the high of running. All you need is an open space and the desire to run. It would help if the weather decides to cooperate. Not to mention that running is also good for the health. And it keeps boredom at bay.

According to scientists, running releases endorphins – those feel good hormones that make you feel all warm, happy, and content inside out. Running is a good way of preventing stress hormones from wreaking havoc in your body. Because right after a person is released from a detox or rehab facility, that person is probably at one of his most stressed points in his or her life. Contrary to popular notions of post-rehab treatment, right after being released, that person is at his or her weakest moment. The stress of what to do next and countless other things could make it too hard for a person to bear. This is why a person who just got out of rehab is a person who could easily relapse. Sober living homes prevent relapse and encourage longer sobriety as opposed to immediately releasing a person back to his old surroundings.

Confidence Booster
The best part about “running away from addiction” is that a person can regain his or her old confidence back. A person who is in rehab is not only battling one kind of demon. He or she is slowly realizing the physical effects of addiction. Addiction of any kind turns any person into someone who isn’t the least bit concerned about appearances. Or it could’ve wrecked a person’s appearance despite his/her best efforts to stay fit and healthy. Running releases feel good hormones that can have amazing effects on one’s skin and immune system. Running or even jogging can also help battle the bulge while keeping relapse at bay. Not to mention that a person who is physically fit is more able to handle the ravages of post-addiction recovery. He or she is more in tune with his/her body and have a better chance of detecting the various triggers that lead to binge drinking or drug abuse.

A Good Alternative to A Therapist
Running is a good sport to take while in a sober home because you can do it indoors on a treadmill or outside with a running buddy. Yes, at the end of the day, the runner’s high can never be equal to an alcohol or a drug high. But researchers found that people who ran were more likely to stay on the right and sober path as opposed to those who didn’t took up this form of exercise. Not to mention that it’s a therapeutic form of exercise that helps people concentrate on one activity. Some people even note that running is a good alternative for meditation for those people who are not inclined to meditating. Despite the hardships involved with trying to stay sober, running can help a person transition from constantly craving alcohol or drugs to someone who has a clear idea as to what life is really about.