Clear Dot
Tonights episode was a little crazy, all eyes on me. Its hard to admit the things you have been into but I did it all for the therapeutic value of getting sober and it starts with honesty. Angel coming home was really emotional for me especially seeing him interact with my son. We are working a day at a time on our relationship and fixing our family but a lot of damage has been done. As far as my “street life” mentality, I have amazingly grown out of it a lot. The more sober I get the more clear I get about real life, and that I no longer have to live like that anymore.  It was hard as a teenage being kicked on the streets at 17 and the only way to stay afloat it seemed like was to keep going to school, work a minimum wage job, and sell drugs. I could see the light then, but I do now. I am a living example that selling drugs takes you nowhere! I am a huge fan of Tupac, and as he would say, “If you can make it through the night there’s a brighter day!”