Striving to stay sober is a never ending process that has its ups and downs. On some days, you could be brimming with assurance and self-confidence. On other days, you could be swimming with self-doubt and uncertainty. If today is one of those self-doubting days, read on.

The Fear of Relapse
It’s one of those things that’s constantly on the minds of people who are doing their best to stay sober: relapse. Here’s the thing: relapse isn’t something to be afraid of. If happens to the best of us. But if you really want to avoid relapse, all you have to do is to take baby steps. Take things slow. Consider every single day as a challenge to avoid relapse. Always be on the lookout for signs of relapse. It could be as simple as a constant stream of negative thoughts or boredom. Try to remember what got you into taking up a bad habit to begin with. Don’t nitpick. Determine all the reasons why you got into drinking or doing drugs and try to avoid those things. It may sound like a lot of work in the beginning but know that the results are worth all the effort.

The Fear of Boredom
For some people, they associate drinking or drugs with happiness. Being inebriated transforms their everyday lives into something more fun. Here’s the thing: this isn’t a sustainable lifestyle. Sooner or later, the high that comes with these things taper off and you’re back to “normal”. So as soon as you decide to stay sober, get into things that will get your heart pumping and your happiness levels through the roof. It could be something as simple as running for fitness or taking up a new fulfilling hobby like baking or cooking.

Not Being Able to Survive Life’s Hurdles
Alcohol is one of those things that can easily numb the pain away. It can also cheer you up after a long day’s work. But if you know deep in your heart that you’re not the kind of person who can stick with one (and end up so drunk and unable to wake up the following day), then it’s better to go with tried and tested methods of coping with life’s problems. If you find that you need something to look forward to at the end of the day, why not go for meditation, yoga, or concoct a few “mocktails” or juices that will help you feel and look much better?

Not Being Able to Cope In Social Situations
For a lot of alcoholics, alcohol was the answer when they were forced to socialize in uncomfortable situations. But here’s the thing: why do things that you’re uncomfortable of doing anyway? Life is too short to put up with negative things. If you don’t feel like going to a party or gathering, kindly tell the host that you cannot go. But if you really must show up, then why not try to do positive things that will help you feel better before leaving? Wear comfortable clothes, drink chamomile tea, or spritz on that favorite perfume of yours? And don’t stay too long if you don’t want to. It’s completely okay.