It is not easy going straight to your home right after you leave your rehabilitation center. Yes, you may have gotten rid of the alcohol or the drugs while you were in rehab, but what happens when you get back to your old life and you still become tempted by all these things again? That is why sober living homes are important in continuing what progress you have gained from your rehabilitation stint so that you will not have to fall off that horse again.

Sober living homes are basically transitional living facilities that bridge your recovery from addicting substances and allowing you to develop a new lifestyle to handle the pressure when you get back to your normal routine. It is important to stay in a sober living home right after your rehabilitation because you need all the help you can get to stay away from the substances that led you to rehab in the first place and to learn to say “no” to them when you get back to the real world.

Life in Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes may provide something as basic as rooms and apartments with common areas for interacting with other guests. Some assign individual chores as part of the program.  Some sober living homes offer an idyllic, resort setting, which usually translates to spending more on these suites. They are often located in beach fronts or mountain hideaways to offer a more peaceful and calming environment.

Whether you stay in a regular room or a luxurious suite, you will definitely still have to undergo a 12-step program which is a common requirement in sober living homes. You will need to attend and participate in support group meetings just so you know you are not alone with your situation and that there is always hope that you can recover. Sports activities are also scheduled for social interaction as well as a diversion in the day. It also helps you to keep yourself in shape, although there are also gyms that have the same function.

In all sober living homes, you have to be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing to make sure that you are not cheating and that you are dedicated to getting sober. The goal of sober living is to develop a better, healthier daily routine for you in preparation for your return to the “real” world.  You need to take it seriously for it to work for you.