What is the next step after your stint in a rehabilitation center?  Sometimes, it can be difficult after following a structured routine in a rehab facility and then you come home and it is a totally different culture and environment. There are cases when this return causes people to relapse because the temptation is so great and they just cannot resist the call of drugs or alcohol. And this is why sober living houses have been established – to serve as transitional stations or supportive environments for recovery to help reinforce what you have learned while in treatment.

Sober living houses are not treatment centers. They are regular homes structured so that guests (specifically those recovering from drug dependency and alcoholism) can develop the discipline of staying sober before they return to their regular lives. Guests stay in sober living environments for a specific period of time, usually 90 days. During their stay, they are expected to participate in a 12-step program and subject themselves to random drug or alcohol testing. These are common requirements in sober living houses regardless of where you are staying.

Sober Living Through Sports and Social Support

Something that is also common among sober homes for men and women are the sports amenities. It is important for people who are recovering to stay busy and occupied. Most sober living houses offer options for sports activities like basketball, swimming, even something as simple as billiards. Participating in sports activities emphasizes the need for a healthier lifestyle while at the same time improves and enhances interaction among the residents. Developing relationships, starting with friendships, is a huge step in building your self-worth and it certainly helps in finding the simple joys and happiness in life.

More time is also spent attending and participating in support group meetings. Support group meetings are a two-way street. First, you listen to what others have to say about their experiences. Since you are all relatively undergoing the same thing, you will find many things to learn about each other. You will also have a chance to express yourself. Part of it is forgetting about the past – letting go of past hurts and moving forward with the new and the better future. Verbalizing makes everything real and makes it easier for you to accept the truth. Acceptance is the first step in recovery because, next, you will have to deal with the harder task of dealing with it. Having friends and peers supporting you goes a long way in terms of sustaining sobriety.