People find different ways of dealing with stress. Unfortunately, those who do not have a good support system find themselves in debilitating situations like being addicted to drugs or becoming alcohol dependent. They then have to spend much time in rehabilitation centers just to get rid of the toxins and find a way to a healthier beginning. However, the jump from rehab to normal life can be disastrous especially if you are not ready to face what caused your addiction in the first place. You need time and space to deal with things and your only recourse is to give sober living a try.

With such a hectic and busy environment, it does not come as a surprise that there are a fair number of sober living facilities in Los Angeles. You will find that sober living in Los Angeles is pretty much like living in your own home except that you are sharing space with peers instead of family members. You belong in one house, may even share a room with someone if you prefer a semi-private room instead of an exclusive private suite; have a common kitchen, entertainment room and dining room and even have full use of the other amenities like the swimming pool and meditation gardens.

The key to sober living in Los Angeles is that being in the sober living house, you are encouraged to develop a normal life, with emphasis on health, wellness and living free and clear of addictive substances. It is not easy though especially with all the temptations around you. That is why you are surrounded practically 24/7 with trained professionals who can guide you in the process of staying clean and sober and with friends and peers who will support you throughout this difficult time. The trained staff and crew are on-hand to initiate a 12-step program and administer random drug and alcohol testing on participants of the sober living program. They are there to help you develop a new routine prior to getting back to the real world. They also conduct the support group meetings which you need to participate in.

To keep you busy while focused on sober living in Los Angeles, there are many activities that you can participate in. You can do some sports, either by yourself or with your peers, watch movies, read books, and anything else that you want to keep your mind off the addiction. The goal is not to have a relapse and to stick to the plan of staying sober.