If you have a parent or any older generation of close relatives who’ve had substance abuse problems, you know that there’s a risk that you’d develop the same addiction. It’s pretty much history repeating itself, like in the case of Charlie Sheen, whose father Martin Sheen had a drinking problem once. And it seems Charlie has developed the same.

If you have the same story as Charlie’s, you probably feel like every single day is a challenge. It’s like you or the people around you are just waiting for you to screw up. It’s like you’re this ticking time bomb and it’s only a matter of time before you give in and find yourself with an uncontrollable craving. The next thing you know, you’re addicted as well.

You might blame yourself for giving in, but putting the blame on yourself isn’t going to help you move forward. Sure, you made the conscious decision to succumb to temptation, but the people around you may have unknowingly had a hand in your addiction. If the people around you weren’t such enablers, allowing you to become familiar with scenes of addiction, you would have had a better chance of steering clear of such a path. Then again, it’s already happened, and the best thing to do is to fix your problem as soon as you can.

Entering a rehab facility is just the first step, but what’s important is what happens after. You’ll need a smooth and healthy transition before you can even go back to society, and home isn’t actually the most ideal place. You see, when you’re immediately released back into the outside world without proper preparation, you might just relapse. Imagine yourself with family or friends who welcome you home only to hang out with you and start drinking and partying. It isn’t exactly the best place to be at, especially if you’re fresh out of rehab.

That’s why it’s best that you enter a sober living facility – one that’s definitely away from home, putting distance between you and temptation or bad influences. Being in a sober house is ideal for you since you’ll be getting enough support for a successful transition. And in case you’re wondering about the kind of lifestyle inside sober houses, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually pretty fun and healthy. The kind of lifestyle sober living California facilities offer, for example, is one that’s safe and well-structured. Sober living California facilities offer very ideal environments for full recovery. They try to make transitional living better by providing you the care and activities you need to fully prepare you for the outside world.

You can also expect sober living California style as the benchmark, since it is actually in the West Coast where sober living environments (SLE) first started. SLEs just spread, providing care for fresh-out-of-rehab individuals all over the country. So if you need to be in an environment that’s conducive for full recovery, choose a sober house rather than stay at home. It’ll be better for you if you don’t go through it alone.