For someone who is actively managing addiction recovery, one of the greatest temptations for relapse is stress. In the past, whenever you were feeling stressed, the drugs or alcohol provided you with an outlet and a sense of relief. At times like this it can seem like there is no other way to make it through stressful situations. However, now that you are learning more about sober living, you have so many more options available. If you are stressed and the urge to use is growing strong, there are a number of healthy alternatives for you to try.

Sweat it out

Studies have found that one of the best ways to reduce stress is through exercise. Physical activity promotes mental wellbeing. The brain releases endorphins when you work out, which trigger happiness and an overall good feeling.

When the stress is getting to you, try taking a walk around the block. Go for a run in the park or give that bicycle track a try. Exercise is a wonderful way to get your heart pumping and get rid of stress.

Meditate on it

A proven way to lower stress and relax is through focused meditation. You can do it alone or combine it with a yoga routine for even more healthy benefits. Yoga will help with stress and increase blood flow throughout your body.

Meditation and yoga are a great way to find balance and peace of mind to boost your level of happiness. Try playing some calming music and burning scented candles to maximize relaxation and stress relief.

Take it outside

Finally, one of the best ways to feel better when stress is getting you down is to spend a little time in the great outdoors. Take a walk, go for a hike or relax at the beach. Use the natural resources that are available in your local area.

The feeling of the sun on your skin and being surrounded by nature is an excellent way to calm your mind. If you are not able to get outside for a while, simply close your eyes and imagine you are in a peaceful place. Focus on some pleasant memories to keep the stress away.