A basic principle of recovery is to gather as many different tools for your “sobriety toolbox” as you can. What better way is there to add powerful tools to your arsenal than to use social media in recovery? You’re most likely already connected to the internet through your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. By using social media in recovery, you can turn these electronic tools into a means of support and a richer social life with the following sober apps.

Recommended Apps for Social Media in Recovery

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a free app that connects you with other sober people locally and globally. Sober Grid is a sobriety-focused social network that’s similar to Facebook.1 Unlike Facebook, where you’re primarily surrounded by friends, family and co-workers, all members of Sober Grid are focused on recovery. It’s a peer support app that gives you access to recovering, like-minded people any time of the day or night.

Clean Fun Network

Unlike social networks designed for the general public where it seems like all the fun is centered around activities and events that include alcohol or drugs, the Clean Fun Network emphasizes social events for people who pass on drugs and alcohol.2

The Clean Fun Network aims to help people who are dedicated to recovery and want to have a life that’s chock-full of excitement, adventure and fun. The website connects people with travel, events, meet-ups and dating in a safe, comfortable environment. The mobile app is currently under development.


SoberTool is a free app that provides you with messages for finding sobriety and peace.3 If you are dealing with troubling issues, you can use the app to receive inspiring phrases that are easy to remember. You’ll receive a detailed explanation of what the phrase means and how it may apply to your situation, as well as actions you can take. SoberTool is an automated peer support resource that’s there for you 24/7.

Squirrel Recovery

Squirrel Recovery is an Android app that allows you to form a network of people in recovery.4 When you are experiencing cravings or triggers, you can quickly connect with those in your circle. The app also tracks your time of sobriety and offers coin rewards for sobriety mile markers.

While apps for social media in recovery aren’t meant to be a substitute for in-person recovery meetings, they are a great way to expand your peer network. Sharing tips for staying abstinent, resisting cravings and dealing with triggers with a larger group of people via social media gives you access to much more knowledge and experience than only a smaller, in-person group.

New apps for social media in recovery are being developed all the time. Regularly check the app store for your device and look for desktop websites that offer recovery support and social activities for people who are in recovery.


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