While staying sober, it can be easy to doubt yourself and everything you know. You may start to question all that happens and why it does, which can lead to a spiral of negative thoughts. That is why it is important to remain positive while practicing sober living. This can be challenging at first, but once you make it a routine, the lifestyle of being positive becomes second nature.

Positive thinking can be impacted by the outside world, but really, it is generated from within. However, you should start by purging your life of negative influences. If there is someone you follow on social media who always gets you down, with the simple click of your mouse, they can be out of your life. If you have a friend who is unsupportive, constantly critical, or even a bad influence, you should cut ties with that individual, especially if they do not help your sobriety. It may be tough, but ultimately, it will help to make you your best self. Sometimes self-improvement includes making tough decisions, and cutting off toxic people is one of those instances.

Once you have cut out those who add stress to your life, you can eliminate the activities that add stress to your life. That does not mean shirking responsibilities. It means evaluating what you do daily. Does that TV show really add value to your life? Do you really enjoy it? If not, find a hobby you enjoy more. Get creative and explore. Do something that makes you proud to be sober.

The best way to stay positive though comes from your thought-pattern. When you find yourself thinking something negative, consciously tell yourself to stop. Then think of what does make you happy. Meditation is also a great key to this. Meditation does not only come in the form of sitting cross-legged on the floor with candles, either. Meditation can also include writing in a journal, drawing, daydreaming, coloring, exercising, yoga…the options are endless. The main point, though, is to clear your thoughts so that your head is not clouded.

If you follow this advice, you will see your attitude become more positive, and you will smile more as a result.