Phew, that’s a lot of S’s. But staying sober throughout the summer is no laughing matter. For the younger set, spring is usually associated with partying. But for a lot of people, summer is when they feel the need to go out and have fun. Let’s face it, the days are longer and nights are hotter. It’s almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep while tossing and turning in between sticky sheets (unless of course you have air conditioning). So might as well party, right?

Summer is when a lot of people are excited to fill their social calendars to the brim. Weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, picnics, you name it! If you live near the beach, it’s likely that the nightlife is also well and alive during this time of the year. If you’re fresh from a sober house, read on for our top tips to help you stay true to your desire for long-term sobriety.

  1. Be comfortable with saying no
    In the real world, not everyone is going to understand your desire for sobriety. People will tease you with just one drink or just one puff or just one night, for old time’s sake? This is why you have to be comfortable with saying a firm no. Be comfortable with the word. Roll it around your tongue. Say it again and again in your mind while picturing a friend or someone you know who’s obviously a bad influence but you cannot avoid altogether.
  2. Go with a buddy you trust
    If you have to go somewhere that’s temptation central, go with a friend or someone you trust. It’s of utmost importance that you don’t just barge into a bar (or somewhere else that’s full of temptations) without someone who can help you not order a drink – If alcohol’s your kryptonite, that is. Being surrounded with folks who understand what you’re going through and can help you out of a situation is what you want while trying to stay sober throughout this season of fun under the sun.
  3. Plan Ahead
    Yes, there’s a lot you could miss out on if you’re not spontaneous. But there’s a lot more you’ll miss out on if you relapse. This is why it’s of utmost importance to plan ahead. Schedule trips, allot a set amount of time for going to this or that, and whatever you do, don’t take chances. However, if you’re absolutely certain that an impromptu party or trip somewhere is not going to put a dent on your resolve to stay sober, then go ahead and be spontaneous.

A quick tip: stay healthy throughout the summer season and drink your fluids. Many people have been known to do irrational things mainly because they’re dehydrated and not thinking straight. Eating the right food has a direct impact on your attitude so if you’re prone to eating junk food, toss that away and choose healthier options.