When supplements arrived on the scene, they were touted as magical pills and tablets that can help cure a host of illnesses. The thing is that medical practitioners from all around the globe are in agreement that there is no such thing as magic pills. However, a lot of vitamins and minerals are essential for warding off the blues, staying in shape, and basically helping the body function better. As a precaution, before you take any form of supplement, consult a physician first and foremost.

Addiction takes a huge toll on the body. For some people, addiction hastened the aging process while for some, addiction opened their body to a whole new set of diseases they wouldn’t have acquired otherwise. However, with the right food, mindset, and a few months at a sober living home, it isn’t impossible to get back full control of one’s body. Although supplements are NOT the only answer, these can definitely be a helpful part of the recovery process, especially when taken in the right doses as advised by a physician.

Vitamin C
This antioxidant is a must in anybody’s diet. Not only does it help to ward off colds and flu, it’s also essential for heart health, faster wound healing, and overall protection from oxidative stress. For fans of the cigarette, it should be noted that nicotine increases the body’s need for vitamin C. Taking this vitamin whether in food or supplement form is all right and will not make that much of a difference. The important thing is that you get your recommended amount of vitamin C everyday.

Vitamin E
Another antioxidant that’s more than just a supplement for great skin, vitamin E is the body’s top fighter against free radicals. Again, smokers need to double their vitamin E intake, as this is helpful for neutralizing any damages caused in the body. Science has proven that vitamin E helps in slowing down the progression of atherosclerosis, which is one of the culprits of heart disease. Overall, vitamin E boosts the body’s immune system and wards off possible diseases from forming. Great sources of vitamin E are organic peanut butter, spinach, and whole grains.

B vitamins
B vitamins do the body a lot of good. Those with poor memory, inability to concentrate for long periods of time, and general fatigue, popping a b-complex vitamin might just do the trick. Excessive drinking of alcohol can lead to thiamin (B1) and Pyridoxine (B6) deficiency. Not to mention that people who drink lots of alcoholic beverages are more prone to excreting folate/folic acid from the body. B vitamins can be easily be eaten in the form of kombucha, whole grains, fruits & vegetables, molasses, potatoes, and most animal products. So if popping a pill does not particularly hold appeal, eating potatoes and organic bacon for breakfast could even do the trick.