Drug Addiction is No Joke

In society it’s common to make jokes about substance abuse. People often make jokes during sober living about drug use in an attempt to be funny. But if you’ve suffered from addiction and are battling through addiction recovery, it’s no joke to you. What can you do to survive the society that makes light of a serious situation? Here are a few tips. from the team at Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living.

Attempt to change the conversation

There are plenty of things to talk about with your peers that don’t have to do with drug use or addiction treatment. Think about thing that makes you happy and introduce it to the conversation. If something you mention doesn’t work, it’s no big deal. Simply hope the conversation changes on its own or step away from it all together.

Talk it out

Many times you can simply talk to your friends about your struggles and they will understand. Sober living didn’t come without its complications, so explaining those struggles with friends will open up conversation, create awareness, and hopefully help you avoid any awkward conversation in the future.

Ignore it

If worse comes to worst, just remember that everyone says things they don’t mean. Many times when people joke about drug use, they don’t mean any harm and wouldn’t insinuate anything towards you. Because you’ve dealt with addiction before, it could feel like an attack. But you’ll come to realize that many of these jokes are just that: jokes, and they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Find friends with similar experiences

There are many groups available through rehab centers. Even your health care provider may have some insight about sober living in California and others in a similar position. There is no shame in connecting with others who have been through what you’ve been through. You never know the connections that could be made.

Drug or substance abuse isn’t a joking matter, but not everyone understands that. Try to use the methods above or think of creative ways to cope through living sober. Always remember that there are people around you who can help; all you need to do is talk. If you or a loved one needs help, please contact Casa Nuevo Vida Sober Living today.