Life’s a beach, yes. But have you heard about the benefits of beaches to a person’s recovery? Movies and TV shows always make it seem as if the beach should be the go-to place for contemplation – when the main character’s down in the dumps, expect him/her to drive all the way to the nearest beach (which is usually a drawn out scene which features a nice car and an even nicer soundtrack). But I digress. Without further ado, here are the effects of beaches to one’s addiction recovery.

A Superior Workout
A lot of people know about the benefits of physical exercise to sustained sobriety. After all, a fit body is better able to handle the side effects of abuse. Diseases down the road are lessened, and a person releases more happy hormones. Casa Nuevo Vida has a gym for workout sessions but for those who don’t really like exercising in the gym, a stroll down the beach is the next best equivalent. Scratch that: an exercise session on the sand might just prove to be better thanks to the sand that moves about all the time. Shifting sand works your leg muscles better and helps circulation going. Not to mention that a day at the beach can prove to be an exciting one – you can do all the regular crunches, do some yoga poses, and have a go at a Frisbee if you want a non-traditional form of exercise.

“Grounding” is as old as time. It’s basically about connecting to the earth or to the sand/water in a way that you’re transferring all your negative vibrations to the earth and getting all the good stuff into your body. The sand is negatively-charge, which means that once the body absorbs the electrons, you’re making the blood thinner and expelling all the toxins that you’ve accumulated. Some people don’t believe in the benefits of grounding but a good old barefoot walk down the beach still has obvious benefits. It clears your mind and you can have a more restful sleep when night rolls in.

Hand-eye Coordination
This may not be for everyone, but for the kids at heart, this would prove to have a ton of benefits. If you’re not one for too much of the “hippie stuff” like meditation and you’re more of a person who would like a no-nonsense approach to recovery, getting down on your knees and creating sand castles is a good way to detox. Not to mention that it’s a great sub for meditation. It also builds hand-eye coordination, which could be a great plus for some.

Vitamin D & R
Vitamin D supplements are way inferior as opposed to the real deal. Hitting the beach ensures that you soak up on this wonder vitamin while you get a healthy dose of relaxation at the same time. Yes, that’s R for Relaxation.

All the benefits of the beach as a tool for recovery obviously outweigh the negatives (sun burn, hello?). Casa Nuevo Vida has sober houses located near the beach if you or someone you love would benefit from recovering near the deep blue relaxation that only a long stretch of sand and surf can provide.