Substance abuse is a very serious condition that can disrupt many aspects of an individual’s life. If a family member or a friend is currently dealing with substance abuse, you should waste no time in convincing him to seek treatment so he can regain his sobriety. But what is the difference between checking him into a substance abuse treatment center and bringing him to one of the sober homes in your area?

Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is the first step to recovering from alcoholism and drug dependence.  Inpatient and outpatient treatment is available for alcoholics and drug addicts. Inpatient treatment involves a 24/7 stay in a substance abuse treatment center, isolating the alcoholic or drug addict from the outside world. This helps keep him away from distractions and temptations and allows him to focus on his recovery. The treatment can last for weeks or months depending on the severity of his problem.

On the other hand, an outpatient substance abuse treatment program is the least expensive rehabilitation option. Outpatient treatment gives your family member or friend the opportunity to interact in a real world environment while receiving a peer-oriented and structured recovery program. Daily or weekly visits are made to the substance abuse treatment center. Recovering addicts and alcoholics are often encouraged to stay in sober homes as part of the outpatient treatment program.

Sober Homes

Recovering addicts and alcoholics have the option to stay in sober homes as part of their transition from an inpatient substance abuse treatment program back to the outside world. Sober homes provide a safe and less structured environment that supports early recovery efforts and reinforces the important behaviors and lessons learned by the patient during treatment. Patients can avoid emotional and physical distractions that can interfere with their recovery while inside a sober living home, which also gives them the opportunity to make new friends who will form part of their support group.

Sober homes are not the same as halfway houses, which are government-funded residential facilities that are used as reintegration tools for recently released inmates. While a number of halfway houses treat substance abuse, this is not their main goal. Some halfway houses cater only to those with severe mental disorders.

Some substance abuse treatment centers work with sober homes to provide recovery programs that encompass all the services of a traditional inpatient program while in the convenience of an outpatient setting. NuHab, an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center based in Encino, California has recently formed a partnership with Casa Nuevo Vida, a leading provider of after care services for recovering addicts and alcoholic. Casa Nuevo Vida has three sober living houses in Cheviot Hills, Culver City, and San Fernando Valley.