A New Lease on Life

Early recovery is an exciting time, filled with hope and new possibilities. Perhaps you just got out of residential treatment. Maybe you have been building up many days of sobriety by attending meetings and working with a sponsor as your support group in early recovery. In either case, you have seen that your life no longer needs to be defined by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Staying on Track with a Support Group in Early Recovery

As exciting as early recovery can be, it is also a difficult time. When you leave a treatment facility and enter back into the “real world,” it becomes much more difficult to avoid falling back into self-destructive habits, resuming unhealthy relationships and dealing with triggers that could lead to relapse. Because sobriety is fragile at this stage, it is crucial to surround yourself with others who can be a support group in early recovery.

Maintaining sobriety requires the help of others. In practical terms, this means getting involved in a good aftercare program (often called out-patient treatment and sober living). It also means attending meetings regularly, reaching out to others in recovery and allowing others to hold you accountable for the commitments you have made and the goals you have set for yourself.

Why a Support Group Early Recovery Works

After treatment, most people find that their home environment contains too many triggers and too many bad memories of using drugs or alcohol.  In such cases, moving into a sober living facility can significantly ease the transition back into everyday life. When you feel the desire to drink or use again (and you will sometimes have those cravings), it will become much more difficult to relapse because you have strong support systems in place. This is a primary function of all quality sober living environments.

Casa Nuevo Vida Can Help

Remember: In active addiction, each of us suffers alone. In recovery, we heal together. If you’d like more information about the benefits of sober housing in the greater Los Angeles area, please click here to get in contact with a caring Casa Nuevo Vida staff member today. We want to be your support group during early recovery.