A person who is yet to encounter the term bath salts may easily attribute it to a pampering product. But contrary to how it sounds, bath salts are not parallel to a bath scrub. It is actually part of a new breed of drugs that have been making waves in the US and beyond. Widely circulating in China and Europe, bath salts are a fad for those who want to experiment with the more exhilarating effects of synthetic drugs, which usually have a faster and more potent high. There is an exchange for this more pleasurable high however, and the question is: are you really willing to pay the price?

These new breed of drugs will lead you to a rehabilitation facility or recovery house if you have enough sense to stop the habit. But if you tangle with such drugs, there is only one road you will eventually take; the road down to violence and death.

Bath salts are psychoactive drugs that are distributed through online purchase. Using bath salts is addictive because the first time you try it, you would get high, so much so that you would really enjoy the effect of the drug in your system. As time passes, you would actively seek that feeling of elation you can only get from bath salts. This is the time that you would really get hooked on these drugs. As your body yearns for the drug, you would naturally want to increase your dosage, and when you do, the effect would be disastrous. Before you know it, your sense of humanity leaves you.

Cocaine, heroin, spice and ecstasy are characterized by their original components and the effect that they have on users, which is still lethal if unchecked BUT a lot less lethal than bath salts. With regard to bath salts, what you must be extremely wary of is that these drugs have a dangerously threatening effect on your nervous system.

The main thing that you would notice with a person who is hooked on bath salts is the steadily escalating levels of paranoia, panic attacks, extreme mood swings and reckless behavior. This happens because psychoactive drugs that eventually get to the brain cells tend to extremely agitate the nervous system, putting it under the fight-or-flight mode, a mode of behavior that is supposed to serve us well when we find ourselves in dangerous situations.

What’s more threatening is not only will the user have absolutely no control over his or her impulses; he or she will also be unaware of his or her actions. In addition to this, the possibility of having hyperthermia – the condition where the body overheats and temporarily loses the ability to cool down – may also strike. Needless to say, these effects will lead to more agitated and aggressive behavior on the part of the bath salts user.

Another effect of the use of bath salts is the inability to sleep. Because of the psychoactive effect of bath salts in the nervous system, the brain will have difficulty in lulling the senses to sleep. And as a result of this sleep deprivation, the bath salt user will eventually deal with psychosis, depression, and other psychological problems that would result in irrational behaviour that will end in users causing grievous harm to someone else, or themselves.

Bath salts are not that expensive, you can get a pack for $50, or so, depending on the supplier. It is easy to abuse because there is a significant supply of these drugs. And of course, the negotiations for purchasing supplies are very easy. But if you’ve already started down this route and are using bath salts, be aware of the dangers you face and stop while you still can. Check yourself into or have your loved ones check you into rehabilitation treatment which will lead to a recovery house.