During the recovery process, negative thoughts arise and this could have potential consequences. But what if negative thoughts are not as evil as we think it could be?

Part of Evolution
Some scientists think that negative thoughts or negative thinking are part of our genetic makeup. In the early days, it was absolutely essential for humans to scan their environment and think of possible negative scenarios and how to deal with it. Perhaps, somewhere along the way, some humans simply focused on coming up with negative scenarios and forgot about the part wherein these made-up scenarios should have made-up solutions as well.

So what can we take away from all of this?

Well, negative thinking is normal. It is part of the reason why humans are on top of the food chain. Negative thinking enables us to see possible negative scenarios in order to avoid them. But sometimes, too much negative thinking can be a hindrance instead of a helpful tool. But you have to remember that everyone has negative thoughts and negative thoughts need not be pushed away. Remember, what you resist will persist. You cannot remove a part of your brain in order to banish negative thoughts. Negative thoughts have their purpose as well.

Engage Yourself In A Friendly Debate
Whenever you have a negative thought coming on, try to ask yourself: 1) Is it true? 2) Is it important in the long run? 3) Is it helpful to my present situation? 4) Is there something else I need to focus on right at this moment?

Sometimes, your thoughts are not your own. Thoughts can be influenced by the weather, the people around you, your stress levels, and even by your diet. Your thoughts are your own but that doesn’t always make them true. So if you find yourself spiraling down a negative thought well, jolt yourself awake and ask yourself those aforementioned questions.

Give Your Thoughts A Voice
The only way you can let go of your thoughts is to speak about it. It is important to have someone to listen to you, whether it is a therapist or a trusted friend. However, if you find yourself having chronic, debilitating negative thoughts, it is important that you seek help from a professional.

You can literally voice out your thoughts and figure out whether they hold the truth or are actually ridiculous when spoken out loud. You can also write down all your negative thoughts and assess whether or not they’re true or false. Don’t stifle your voice.

Your Thoughts Are Tabloid Material
You know how tabloids are often touted as completely factual when they’re not? There are celebrity news here and there about breakups, weddings and engagements. Well, guess what? Not all of them are true although tabloids want it badly to be true! The same goes for your thoughts.

Function Despite the Funk
During the recovery process, it’s important to get a hang of negative thoughts, persons, and scenarios and learn how to deal with it. A sober living home helps a recovering person to identify negative thoughts and be comfortable with them. After all, life isn’t about stifling or burying negative thoughts. Life is about being comfortable with experiences and learning as much as we can in every step of the way.