Casa Nuevo Vida knows the key role of proper nutrition for a faster (and not to mention, easier) recovery. Unlike other sober living homes, Casa Nuevo Vida has an in-house chef who caters to the residents’ varied nutritional needs. From Kosher to gluten-free diets, the in-house chef can create healthy concoctions that will hasten the recovery process of all the residents. To learn more about the connection of nutrition and addiction, read on for further information.

A lot of people don’t realize how addiction can affect the body in multiple ways. First, not only does addiction take a huge toll on the body, the lasting physical effects can lead to a compromised immune system and illnesses in the future. Few realize the fact that recovery can start with one’s breakfast and continue well into the night as the person sleeps and metabolizes the food that he/she consumed throughout the day.

1. Supplementation
The beginning of the recovery process is the best time to start supplementing with vitamins and minerals. Although a multivitamin is a great option to begin with (just one pill throughout the day – a no-fuss approach to supplementation), some physicians recommend different approaches depending on the current mental and physical state of the recovering person. Some physicians/homeopaths/naturopaths (depending on the client’s preferred health professional of choice) may recommend fish oil or fermented cod liver oil to hasten the recovery of the brain and other important bodily functions.

2. Restriction
People who recover from addiction need to cross out a number of things from their daily food list. Caffeine in all forms and simple sugars are considered highly addictive food substances and can replace the high of his/her drug of choice in the past. Certain drugs like Marijuana cause an increased desire for less nutrient dense food or junk food that is why a restrictive but still delicious diet is important in the earlier part of recovery.

3. Antioxidants
Antioxidant-rich food like fruits and vegetables are a great way to speed up the recovery process. Fruit or vegetable juices are an excellent way to cleanse the body of toxic buildup. For example, those who are recovering from alcohol addiction need a liver-cleansing diet. Sober living homes like Casa Nuevo Vida can provide nutrient-rich food and drinks thanks to the in-house chef who can cater to the specific nutritional needs of the residents.

4. Proper snacking
A fully equipped sober living home like Casa Nuevo Vida can help clients choose proper snacking methods. Nuts, dried fruit, cheese, and yogurt are great snacking options to help curb cravings for junk food that can trigger even more cravings for their drug of choice.

5. A lifestyle overhaul
A sober living environment like Casa Nuevo Vida can help advice clients on how to proceed with their lifestyle/food overhaul. When those in recovery are sound in health, they become more aware of the true functional potential of their bodies and are able to stay focused and on track. A past addictive lifestyle more or less may have wreaked havoc on one’s physical looks as well as the self-esteem department. This is why a nutritional overhaul can help with the recovery process in that people can recover emotionally, physically, mentally, and maybe even spiritually.