Ups and Downs, its crazy how life is in the pink cloud so much after the worst part of withdrawal but we still have bad days. I had a using dream last night and it freaked me out so much, but people are quick to re-assure me that this is normal! Today i spent the day doing step work and reading the Anthony Keidis book (Scar Tissue). It is really good so far, i love to read books about people who have something so in common with me. Bob Forest my counselor is also in the book so i was excited to read about him! Bob’s movie comes out soon (Bob and the Monster) I am so excited to see it. Its crazy how far people come from so low to so high but it really can happen. Tonight we have group here at Casa Nuevo Vida, me and the girls here are doing it together. Just stick with it ONE DAY AT A TIME and things will turn around, its progress not perfection!


Hello…busy day today I had a job interview. I think it went well since I worked for that company before but we will see. Last nights fashion show was amazing!!!…I had so much fun with my girl friends supporting Miss Jumpin Clothing! They did really well, it is cool to be in a place where alcohol is served and still stay sober, it is getting much easier. People actually respect you more when you turn a drink down. It feels good. My friends are very supportive of my sobriety and they know NO DRINKS for DeAnna! When you start to be a productive member of society again it is really cool. Through my 20 days at PRC and 5 months in sober living I have been able to do that again. I recently started trying to clean up the wreckage of my past like my debts and drivers license and its been so hard. Dealing with the government and making those calls is very trying. Thank God I have a lot of support to do this because I dont think I could do it alone! Have a blessed day! Thank God for another day sober, and i pray for the still sick and suffering addict and alcoholic.