Alcoholism is a very common problem in the USA. However, just because almost everyone else is having a drinking problem doesn’t mean that it’s an issue which could just be brushed off. Alcohol dependence is a very serious issue. It can ruin relationships and careers. This is why people who have chosen to stay sober should be provided with the support they need. If you’re trying to stay off alcohol yourself, you might want to try these tips.

Know your triggers. This doesn’t mean you’re given the license to blame your alcoholism on other people. Alcohol dependence is still, primarily, your decision. However, you should get to know your mind and your body better. What triggers you to turn to alcohol? Identify these triggers and try your best to either overcome them or dodge them. People, places and things do not force us to drink, but why take that chance when you are working so hard to stay sober?

Find a temporary comfort zone. Just when someone’s about to turn away from sobriety, there’s this one second of opportunity for him/her to make the right decision. Remind yourself why you’ve chosen to stay sober in the first place. Pick up that phone and call someone who knows and understands what you are going through. There are 24 hour hotlines at Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and many other 12-step programs. Or, get to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous or any other 12-step meeting. Once you are surrounded by others having the same experience, you will be amazed how soon the cravings will subside. Once the urge to drink alcohol goes away, go ahead and face life again. If the triggers are too strong to handle, get better help. If your situation becomes harmful, check in to a residential program before it’s too late.

Avoid the sight of alcoholic beverages. If you’re doing your grocery shopping, don’t go to the aisle where they sell alcoholic beverages. If you’re not living alone, you should ask all the members of your household to support your sobriety by not bringing alcoholic beverages into your living space. Some people might think that this is a form of escape—that the real world does have alcoholic beverages and you’ll soon be exposed to these substances anyway. However, during the first stages of recovery, when you’re most vulnerable, it helps to keep all the triggers out of sight and out of mind.

Choose your company. Unfortunately, living a sober life might mean turning away from people who drink alcohol all the time. You might have to limit your time with friends who are still alcoholics, or who may tempt you into leaving sobriety. If choosing the right friends could help you overcome your addiction, though, the effort will pay off. Your real friends will understand your efforts.

Get professional help if necessary. Even if you check into a sober living home or treatment center, or attend meetings for alcoholism support, you won’t be very successful in staying sober if your alcoholism trigger is actually caused by a psychological disorder. Try to get proper help for your condition first so you can better beat your addiction problems.

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