There is a lot of mystique surrounding sober living homes that it’s almost impossible to tell what exactly happens inside one. A common misconception about sober living homes is that it’s basically an extended, albeit more lax rehab facility. Some well-meaning friends and family even say that sober living homes only tax the pockets of those in recovery. Instead of putting them in ANOTHER facility, why not let them recover in the comforts of home?

The answer to that is simple: a sober living home is well-equipped to handle those who just got out of rehab or any other kind of detox facility. Not just that, a person will be able to recover and relax at a sober living facility than if he/she just stayed at home. Without further ado, here are the top ten things you should know about Casa Nuevo Vida.

1. There is drug testing. Not all transitional homes or sober living facilities offer drug testing. This is an essential part of every recovery – consistent, random testing. This ensures that a person in recovery hasn’t abused the relatively lax environment of a sober living facility.

2. The owner used to be a recovering addict. This is one of the reasons why Casa Nuevo Vida is a great facility. The owner used to be a recovering addict. He knows what are the specific needs and wants of those in recovery. This is one of the reasons why CNV is well equipped to handle different cases and scenarios.

3. The programs were designed to be gender-specific. Research shows that people who are in recovery would do better to recover in a gender-specific environment. This ensures that the person will be able to concentrate on the recovery process itself.

4. There are fewer sober living homes for women. We’re one of the few sober living homes that cater to women as well. A lot of women go directly to their old world and old environment after a stint in rehab. One of the reasons is due to the fact that there are few sober living homes or transitional houses that cater to women. Most of these facilities only accept male residents. Casa Nuevo Vida understands the fact that when it comes to sobriety, women need equal treatment. This is why Casa Nuevo Vida accepts female residents as well.

5. Living in Casa Nuevo Vida assures that people in recovery will be able to stick to a drug-free routine. CNV is structured in the best way possible – and we’re not just talking about the physical foundations (after all, Casa Nuevo Vida IS a luxury sober living home). CNV’s management makes sure that all residents follow their schedule and partake in different kinds of fun and nourishing activities. This includes exercise, meditation, and games if the residents are inclined to enjoying these activities.

6. There is an in-house chef. Kosher, non-dairy, and vegan options are provided for a healthy diet that will encourage quicker recovery.

7. A 12-step program is encouraged.

8. There are complete amenities. From hot tubs to appropriately decorated interiors, a stay at CNV is no Spartan retreat.

9. Casa Nuevo Vida is a boutique or luxury sober living home. A lot of people may think that a boutique sober living home is expensive. The opposite is true considering that the relapse rates are drastically lessened for those who stay at a sober living facility.

10. There’s a higher chance of recovery. This is the best part about Casa Nuevo Vida. Because the residents are more relaxed, this will only serve to encourage residents to stick with the recovery process.