Detox processes may vary and the rigors of undergoing them may prove to be emotionally harmful on other patients. It’s because not all of them share the same sentiments on certain methods and feelings towards the systems used may have obliterated their sense of well-being. Therefore, if you think it’s the last time that you may want to see your loved one in an ultimate state of depression right after a series of detox treatments, then, you’d better look for a solution.

Solutions may differ when it comes to treating various types of substance detoxification processes. Alcohol, smoking and drug addiction can push patients to the edge but these can be curbed using the right treatment. However, patients may find their way back to using the same substances if not treated thoroughly; and by thoroughly, we mean treatment has to involve the ‘after detox timeframe’. It’s like an immediate follow up to seal the process they have undergone. Here are some follow-up measures that are available anytime:

Solution #1 – Counseling

Getting ideas on the background of a patient is a priority aspect which helps counseling experts in their bid to cure an addiction. Every little bit of information is needed to be able to understand the reason why a particular person has succumbed to an abuse. Basing treatment on facts may provide good results as behavior towards certain things and situation is readily recognized.

One may opt for a one-on-one session or a group forum wherein members share their own experiences with their fellow attendees. There are many professionals in this field who can provide counsel but you have to be prepared for the fee.

Solution #2 – Family support

Family support is free and stands as the cheapest alternative; no fees are involved and it only requires the presence of family members. However, this cannot be as efficient as that of counseling as this does not have a specific time where every member of the family is present. Since each member has their own daily tasks to perform, sometimes, the need to bond with a recovering member of the household seem to dwell on the impossible. It’s almost equivalent to saying ‘bond if there’s time’ which delays expected early recovery.

Solution #3 – Sober living home

Recovery homes are worry-free package places where you can bring a friend, or a family member to get a cure deep within. These places are usually situated in areas that have lush sceneries, fresh air and away from substance abuse possibilities. Several amenities are also available for its dwellers to use. Everything is scheduled from administering medicines, sleep, leisure, or for other activities developed to capture and divert the attention of their house guests.

Professionals working in a sober living home have time to spare and settle situations or listen to each and every patient’s concerns. There is a complete understanding regarding the need of each individual to get cured using the fastest and smoothest way possible. Workers involved here are certified and licensed to practice as counsel and support experts. It may cost you some amount but positive results are guaranteed the moment you have decided to enter its gates.