Change is bound to happen once there is acceptance and willingness to undergo a process. However, no matter how hard we try, we seem to run out of luck most especially when dealing with sober living principles. We simply don’t have the expertise on this matter and our knowledge is not that deep. That is why we have to research more on the things that happen while in this stage of transit from a rehab center to our homes.

The trouble with families who have members coming home fresh from any form of substance rehabilitation is neglect when it comes to home organizational processes, irresponsibility in guidance wherein the reformed individuals are concerned and inability to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. This is a common post-rehab dilemma and one of these scenarios could take a reformed individual back to ground zero.

Let us understand the thoughts coming from different types of individuals:

  • What patients think about

    No one knows what reformed drug addicts think about but some behaviors can be manifested in every move they make and reactions can be seen in situations presented to them. Some may not have been thoroughly sold out to the thought of reforming while only a handful has gotten over the addiction.

    Now, only those who are proficient enough can decipher what to do whenever there is a symptom of an unsolved behavior or thought. What we can do is to help these people cope but coping isn’t easy as pie as there are effective methods that only those in the know are able to utilize.

  • What the rest of the family think

    What the family members know is their loved ones have been through an ordeal and they want to make them feel at ease with the new kind of lifestyle they are about to lead. Little do they know that there are still instances which could lead these individuals to succumb to pressure which in turn motivates them to revert back to their old ways. We have all the reasons why we should start cleaning up some areas that can possibly lead him back to where they came from.

    It is certain that we are not at all proficient in handling the case and some of us are not aware that sober living isn’t just abstaining from the substance. It’s more on helping an individual cope with life in the long term without the benefit of using any substances. Don’t forget the acquaintances your loved one has had in the past; diverting his attention and restricting him to bond only with family and reliable friends can help.

  • What an expert thinks

    Analysis of apparent problems comes first when a patient talks it out with a professional in the field of post rehabilitation process. There are various principles involved that can guide a guest in a sober living home. These standards must be holistic enough to drive out the thing that tarnishes one’s well-being.

    With the help of a reliable professional and an ideal environment, patients can go well with the flow of cleansing their thoughts from anything that gives valuable meaning to addiction rather than reforming towards becoming a better individual.