Transitional living may be something new to you. It certainly is not a common phrase to hear. Those who have been in rehab or those who have family members or friends who have been in rehab may be more familiar with it. But it really is a simple concept, one that is gaining popularity among after care hospices for people who are on the road to sobriety.

One of the major problems encountered by recovering drug users and alcoholics is that once they leave the rehabilitation center, they have no idea how to move forward from it. It is so easy to get back into the habit once the rigorous shackles are off. A transitional living environment is such a place to help these people adjust and develop a sort of immunity from the temptations of their addictions.

What transitional living provides is a structured living environment with an emphasis on a healthy and active lifestyle. What it does not do is prescribe drugs or treatment which is what the rehabilitation centers are for. In transitional living, you are given the opportunity to see the importance of human interaction. You are encouraged to see the value of a healthy and clean lifestyle.  You are invited to participate in support group sessions to make you appreciate what you have been through and equip you with the strength to handle all that will come as a repercussion of your decisions.

It is not so serious as it sounds though. You will be living in a comfortable home with some of the modern amenities common to most houses. Some transitional living arrangements are more opulent than others so the choice depends on how much you are willing to spend for your recovery. Some are even located in resort destinations like mountain retreats and beach fronts so it is not like you are a prisoner of your recovery program.

Most transitional living arrangements also incorporate sports activities to promote health and fitness as part of the program. Keeping healthy means staying away from these addicting substances and that is one of the disciplines that you need to learn. Participating in sports also encourages you to interact with your peers and possibly develop and sustain friendships that can help you when you need it the most.

The ultimate goal of transitional living is to equip you with the steely resolve to abstain from addictive substances that ruined your life. All the tools are being handed to you and all you need to do is embrace them with fervor and perseverance and you will be on your way to a new and better life.