What to Expect in a Sober House

If you ever had a family member or a friend undergo rehabilitation for drug addiction or alcohol abuse, then you know how hard it is for them to get back on the horse and get on with their lives once they are out of the rehab center. It is also possible that their old habits will resurface once they are back in the environment that contributed to their addiction in the first place. This is why there are now places called sober houses or recovery houses which serve as transition residences from which guests can easily adjust their behavior and lifestyle from their stint at the rehab center to their regular, and hopefully more improved daily lives.

What makes a sober house different from a rehab center? It really is pretty simple. First, there are no treatments being offered. What a sober house does is ease you back into the routine of a regular healthy life. Your social interaction with your peers, peers that have undergone mostly the same troubles as you, makes facing the reality of your situation easier to accept and therefore easier to manage. The support groups which you need to participate in while staying at a sober house allow you to express your feelings and hear what others have to say about theirs. It is a huge step into really dealing with the situation.

On a lesser yet equally important note, a sober house usually has sports facilities and amenities to help you develop a healthier lifestyle as well as increase your social interaction with people. The activities are also meant to keep you busy, and develop the routine of achieving a goal so that the discipline will be instilled once you rejoin the normalcy of your regular environment.

Other more luxurious sober housing facilities even offer massage services, yoga and personal trainers to develop your physical well-being. There are even chefs to prepare culinary delights to also help you learn how to prepare healthier meals. Some sober houses are also located in idyllic resort-like settings to give you that much needed peace and relaxation.

It does not matter which sober house you go to. The most important thing is your dedication to sobriety and your perseverance to stay true and clean. If you feel that you do not have to stick with the usual 90-day routine at the sober house, it is your choice. If you feel that the longer you stay, the better off you will be, then so be it. Just remember that change comes from within yourself.