The best thing about a stint in a luxury sober living home is that you’ll have access to a lot of things. You’ll rarely get bored and if you do, well, a stint at the beach house at Playa del Ray means that fun under the sun is just a walk away. Sunny California is one of the best locations for a sober living home in that the sun is always shining, which translates to less clothing and a sunnier disposition. But if you or someone you know is confused as to what to bring or pack for a few months in a sober living home, well we’ve got you covered.

1. Comfort Items
What are considered “comfort items”, you may ask? Well, it depends on each person. For some people, it’s a picture of their children or spouse. For some, it’s a ratty diary that they’ve had since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. We’ve also heard about women who can have a nice day as long as they have their lucky bracelet or favorite earrings. It depends on the person, really. As long as it won’t break any house rules and it can help speed up with the recovery process, then don’t forget to cram it in your suitcase.

2. Dark chocolate
Especially for fans of the good stuff, excellent quality chocolate could be hard to find in your area. If you like a particular brand or variety of chocolate, go for a luxury dark chocolate instead of its lesser counterparts. The great thing about dark chocolate is that it has lesser amounts of sugar and would do your mood a lot of good. And this is a great snacking option, especially if you’re trying to kick a nicotine habit and you’re craving for sugar.

3. Toiletries (and Makeup!)
If you have a favorite shower gel or love a particular scent of shampoo, it’s going to do you a lot of good if you bring it with you, especially if it’s not easy to spot in most supermarkets or drugstores. The road to recovery is tough and no man or woman should have to deal with the added stress of weird-smelling stuff. If you look and feel your best, you’re less prone to stress and would be able to concentrate on the bigger picture and the long-term sobriety that lies ahead.

4. All Kinds of Clothes
You may not feel like bringing in gym clothes or swimwear at first but you’ll never know once you’re a few weeks in at a sober living home. Gym clothes, swimwear, maybe even a formal outfit or two so when there’s an occasion, you won’t feel underdressed. It’s a great confidence booster so you will get to feel great even in a time of great stress.

5. Books and Magazines (or maybe an e-reader, if it’s allowed)
Lastly, even if you’re not much of a reader, bringing in light reading materials can help you pass the time. If you’re not into hardcore reading, consider a few graphic novels or magazines to bring with you, especially if you’re into specific titles. This will help keep the boredom at bay and you’ll surely thank yourself later on.