Starting a new hobby is something that many recovering addicts do during the early days of their sober living. Hobbies can keep the mind and hands busy and help individuals to have a purpose other than obtaining and using the substance of choice prior to rehabilitation. It can be tough to choose a hobby that you can truly throw yourself into and there’s no harm in trying several before finding one that sticks, but a good place to start is by brainstorming the types of activities you think you may enjoy. Ask yourself the following questions:

What did you enjoy doing as a child?

Our childhood is often where we are the most creative, with much less responsibility and worry to inhibit us from expressing ourselves through hobbies and pastimes. As we grow up, we often find ourselves with less time to do the things we once loved, but that doesn’t mean to say we wouldn’t still enjoy doing them. Perhaps your childhood hobby could also become your adult hobby.

Do you need something to occupy you whilst you’re alone, or do you want an opportunity to meet more people?

For some recovering addicts, it is when they’re on their own that they struggle the most to cope with sobriety. Although it’s great to be surrounded by friends and relatives for support, sometimes we simply have to put up with our own company and a hobby that we can do alone – such as painting, writing, cooking or playing an instrument – can be a great way to fill those gaps. Other people may be more drawn to hobbies that can help them to get out and meet new people. Being the bustling city that it is, Los Angeles is rife with group classes in which people can try out new hobbies and connect with a wide variety of people on a regular basis.

Do you ever wish you had a specific skill?

Hobbies can simply offer a way of relaxing and unwinding, but they can also give people something constructive to aim for and allow them to expand their skill set. If you’ve ever wanted to have a specific skill, such as woodworking, jewelry making or baking, sober living could be the ideal opportunity to learn whilst giving you a creative outlet that supports your addiction recovery.