To continue living a sober life after successful residential treatment can be challenging. You’ve been living with others who are reaching for the same goals as you, only to now be leaving that structured network of support and teamwork behind. There is good reason to choose a housing option after recovery that places you among others who understand the struggles that go along with living a sober life post-recovery.

Sober Living Houses After Recovery

Studies have shown that sober living homes give those who have completed recovery treatment the incentive to continue living a sober life. Having the continued support of peers and staying involved in 12-step programs after recovery, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, tends to result in a positive outcome for those who have a strong desire for living a sober life despite the temptations that exist for relapse.

If you are committed to living a sober life, whether you’ve gone through treatment or not, choosing to live in a community that “gets it” and will provide you with a positive, supportive atmosphere is already half the battle of living a sober life for the long term. Having a network of support is key to living a sober life, making it very important that you choose to live in the right environment, whether you’ve completed treatment or are devoted to living a sober life without having gone through residential treatment.

Living a Sober Life

If you’ve completed a residential recovery program in the Playa del Rey, California area, congratulations! This beach-side community near Los Angeles is both peaceful and beautiful, making it the perfect atmosphere for appreciating all that sober living has to offer. The next logical step on your journey is to live for a while in a sober living house to continue being part of a community of friends who will help with relapse prevention and who know just what you’re going through in life. This is a transitional solution to post-recovery that will help you continue achieving your goals as you avoid triggers that can lead to relapse, such as old friends and places that can easily lead back to addiction activity and thoughts.

After sober living, it may be time to move on to continued sobriety on your own or with others in the Playa del Rey area. This town is a feast for your senses. Watch the sailboats floating into the marina, listen to the planes taking off from the airport in Los Angeles, and appreciate the beauty of the beach. Keep in mind, also, that help is always close at hand if you stay decide to continue living a sober life in Playa del Rey.