Women’s Sober Living

Located in the upscale neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, our women’s sober living home is close to shops, dining establishments and gyms while also offering a serene environment within the home and throughout the property.

Find Freedom Through Responsibility

We have an open-door policy for your loved ones and family members. Parents, siblings, spouses and significant others are welcome to visit, and we are always happy to show them what we do to help our residents through the recovery process. Where your family can join you on your journey into recovery.

Cheviot Hills Women’s Sober Living House

Nestled between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, our Cheviot Hills Women’s Sober Living House encourages residents to foster a sense of sisterhood in the community alongside other female residents who are are committed to getting well and staying on the path to recovery. Casa Nuevo Vida is dedicated to helping women adhere to sober living principles by providing a safe and nurturing environment that supports healing, spiritual growth, and personal goals.

This gender-specific recovery home, helps our female residents rebuild a new lifestyle that focuses on spiritual development, physical health, and interpersonal relationship skills. We rely on fun scheduled activities, outings, meetings and with the Cheviot Hills recreation center, several parks and multiple AA meeting locations around the neighborhood, this women’s sober living house is in a prime location to begin working on recovery goals.

Cheviot Hills Women’s Sober Living House Amenities:


Get a hold of your favorite TV show or never miss the news broadcast during your stay. LED TVs are installed in each common area of the house.

Playstation  And  WiFi  Consoles Are Available

Divert your attention to gadgets during leisure time. WiFi access can be granted at designated periods of the day.

Large Dining Room

The dining room is a great place to get together, share meals and support one another.

Meal Options

We supply delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose from Kosher, vegetarian/vegan diet meal; gluten-free, gourmet or a home-style meal. You can state your preference upon enrollment.

Heated Pool and Jacuzzi

A stressed out mind and body can be cured by immersing oneself in a luxurious, heated pool. The heated pool and relaxing environment helps you realize your own potential which can be used to further promote sober living. Also enjoy kicking back in the jacuzzi with a natural, serene surrounding.

Round The Clock Support

House managers live within this community. They render constant help and assistance to residents at any time of the day. It is the mission of Casa Nuevo Vida to look after their house guests in every possible way to ensure progress towards recovery.

Start Thriving in Sobriety