Let’s be honest, if you’re searching for reasons to quit drinking alcohol, you probably already have a few in mind. Most often, it’s because alcohol has seriously messed up certain parts of your life. Or maybe, it was suggested to try out a sober lifestyle, by a relative or loved one. 

Whether that is enough to kick the habit, is up to the individual. There are usually a lot of factors involved when making lifestyle changes, for better or worse. Then, there is the element that addiction and dependency add to the uncertainty. Either way, if you are looking for tried and true reasons to quit drinking alcohol, you’ve come to the right place. 

The Leading Cause of NOT Quitting Drinking

Alcohol withdrawal certainly can be unpleasant. But then again, it doesn’t last forever. What does last beyond detox, however, just might be enough to consider sober living as a way of life. Because the truth is, when standing on the other side of alcohol abuse and addiction, things certainly look a lot different. Quit Drinking

Not having to revolve your life around when the next drink comes, allows for quite a bit of freedom. What each person does with their sober independence is up to them. But you don’t have to decide that yet. There is only one decision required to find out what life can be like without the booze. That’s the decision to get started. 

Committing to Cleaning Up

No doubt gaining the freedom and independence from alcohol and addiction sounds nice. Still, the fear of temporary withdrawal holds many people back from making that pivotal decision. Among all of the positive reasons to quit drinking, fearing withdrawal, and the uncertainty of what comes next, stop progress. But once again, withdrawal is temporary. 

The journey to get clean and sober in itself is rewarding beyond measure. It just takes time and patience to get started. After that, the advantages and positive changes continue multiplying. Reasons to quit drinking surpass a great deal of desire to relapse, and therefore, refusal to turn back. 

The Real Reasons To Quit Drinking 

Once you get to know the real you that was stifled by dependency, it will be hard to sacrifice that. Even in the face of temptation. But if you’re still not convinced, take a look at the list of guarantees that come with foregoing the drink. Some reasons to quit drinking immediately inspire the will to make a change. Other times, people need to see it to believe it. Either way, take a look at the 21 ways your life will improve through recovery. That is, once you choose to take advantage of all of the reasons to quit drinking. 

  1. Quitting Drinking Is Budget Friendly

One thing that is going to be different is the extra money you have after a hard week of work. Especially for those that usually spend a good amount of time at a bar. While having one or two might not break the bank, any more than that is going to add up. 

Think about the last time you went out and had drinks. 

How many did you have?  More than 2 or 3?  How much did each drink cost and what was your total? 

For an alcoholic, it’s often very costly. The kicker is that it doesn’t just happen once or twice a month. Individuals that have become dependent on alcohol partake in the festivities often, if not daily. Then, when not drinking in public, they drink among friends and also drink in excess when at home in between. 

  1. You’ll Feel Physically Well and Energized

Reasons To Quit Drinking AlcoholThe effects of alcohol linger long after the drinking has worn off. Many people overlook this when considering their reasons to quit drinking, but then appreciate it once in recovery. Because of the way alcohol dependency and withdrawal work, this one takes time to kick in.  

While withdrawing, having a drink to take the edge off may make you feel back to normal. However, it’s the exact opposite of normal functioning. Many alcoholics feel run down when not drinking because their bodies got used to chemical poisoning. The body has been struggling to perform around alcohol, with the intention of survival. 

Your body has begun to adapt, to stay alive and functional. Once addicted, going without alcohol gives the body trouble operating. However, with it, essential systems will soon begin to become damaged, exhausted, and then fail. Therefore, the cycle of dependency and withdrawal keeps the alcoholic stuck in the cycle. A draining cycle that yields a painful end. 

The good news is that feeling better is one of the reasons to quit drinking that makes it worth it. Again, it might take a little bit to feel these effects. Remember, addiction didn’t happen overnight either. But believe this. Waking up to a fresh start every morning without a hangover is a rewarding reason to quit drinking. 

  1. You Will Not Miss The Hangovers, Believe Me

Speaking of hangovers, take a minute to think about how much more productive you would be each day without one. No headache or dehydration, not reaching for medication or the snooze button for the third time. If you’ve ever had a hangover that you thought you wouldn’t survive, you know the feeling. Nausea and cringing at the light shining in from outside, knowing that the day must go on. Or, the desperate attempt to cover the smell of booze coming out of your pores and lingering on your breath. To be honest, would anyone miss any of those? One of the reasons to quit drinking is certainly the aftermath.

  1. Eat Better Just By Eating When Sober

Ever heard of the beer munchies? Anyone that has ever had one too many to drink has fallen victim. Because by the time you realize you are hungry you could eat just about anything. And, that’s exactly what happens. Despite having nutrition-friendly options available elsewhere, after drinking, quick eats are the name of the game. If eating drunk regularly, you can almost double your bar tab without noticing. On top of that, overeating the worst kind of foods often wreaks havoc on your digestive function. Just by eating more mindfully, which is often a very enjoyable part of sober living, you do your body justice. Being sober for your body and mind while feeding it right only produces positive outcomes. 

  1. The Guilt Is Gone

Most of us have made the promise to cut back on the drinking but haven’t followed through. Usually, it is a promise to a loved one who genuinely cares for our wellbeing. We all have that person. The one that is always suggesting reasons to quit drinking.  Believe it or not, the relationship between you both is suffering, even if they haven’t said it out loud. You know you haven’t kept your word, or even tried to. They know you haven’t either. Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

There is a sense of guilt that comes along with every drink you take now. Knowing that you are letting your loved ones down, yet again. Little by little the guilt builds, to the point that every time you see them you know you’ve let them down. But once you give up drinking for good, that feeling is gone. If there is no other reason to quit drinking, get sober to keep that promise. 

  1. What’s The Harm in Trying?

So what if you try and fail? What if you can’t do it? Well, the answer is simple. You’ll be right back where you started. It won’t be as if you lost anything, the booze will still be there. But who knows, you might enjoy all of the reasons to quit drinking. So why not try to give it a real go and see what you think about being sober.

Besides, relapse is something that every person in recovery faces. Triggers are everywhere and many of them unavoidable. While working through it may not be the easiest thing you have ever had to do, it’s worth it. That’s a guarantee. If it wasn’t, why would so many addicts strive to preserve their sobriety every single day? If it was harder than it was worth, there wouldn’t be so many success stories and support out there. Giving up alcohol for good might be the best thing you ever do. Besides, can’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  1. Sorry, Not Sorry Anymore

Drinking excessively often leads to a plethora of poor decision-making. Often our actions are not only regrettable but have yet again managed to hurt another in the process. You’re not the only one. But saying sorry and begging forgiveness time and time again will get exhausting. 

Eventually, the people around you will be sick of hearing it and stay away from you. Or worse, they will stay as you hurt them over and over again. Instead of starting every conversation with “I’m sorry I was drunk” or “I messed up again,” commit to quitting drinking. That way, you will have far less to be sorry about. The next time you say sorry sober, you will mean it, and that will mean something to them too. 

  1. Discovering Who You Are Under All That Booze

Whether you want to believe it or not, you’ve changed. Of all the reasons to quit drinking out there, how about getting to know yourself again. The truth is, you’ve probably lost sight of them. Not only has drinking made you do some regrettable things, but you don’t even know why you did them. Well, it’s because you’ve changed. 

One of the best parts of the journey toward a sober life is discovering yourself again. There is an amazing person in there, unique and filled with an entire personality. They have just been altered by the alcohol, or lying dormant, out of lack of necessity. Instead of going on autopilot and using alcohol to alter your mood, wait until you meet yourself sober. 

  1. Looking Forward To The Next Day

Most of the time, when our lives revolve around alcohol, we don’t look for reasons to quit drinking. That’s usually because, in one way or another, there is nothing else. Life is drinking and drinking is life. 

Instead of waking up every day looking forward to that drink, get inspired with a greater sense of purpose. Imagine what it would be like to look forward to more. To invest yourself into something worthwhile. Use your future as one of your top reasons to quit drinking. Living sober allows you to be excited about what comes next. Instead of knowing that drinking comes at the end of every day. 

Sober living is an eye-opening experience that makes each day filled with opportunity. Putting time into something that shows real results is fulfilling and adds value to a person’s overall sense of self. Quitting drinking allows you to see every day as a new opportunity for new achievements. Best of all, it’s your sobriety that will allow you to be able to level up successfully.  

  1. Your Organs Are Fed Up

Alcohol puts an intense amount of pressure on your organs, starting with the liver. The main function of the liver is to process and filter through toxins. Even though it only has one job, it’s a big one, and all of the other organs rely on it. Once the liver gets pushed to its limit, all of the organs will have to work harder to compensate. This is a problem when they are not necessarily built to overperform like this. If stopped early enough, some organs can bounce back and heal. Others may be permanently damaged. Best to cut your losses and get yourself back on a healthy path. Be sure to add the health of your liver to the list of reasons to quit drinking. 

  1. Brighter Way to Face The Day

Your face will be brighter. This is not just about a brighter outlook on life, but also, brighter skin to boost your appearance. Day-in and day-out alcohol use dehydrates your skin and depletes it of nutrients and oils that it needs. Left without nourishment and protection, the skin of an alcoholic is often very noticeable.

But very soon after putting down the last drink, your skin and face will begin to replenish and heal themselves. In a very short amount of time, your skin will be glowing and your eyes will be brighter. This makes an enormous difference in how you look, and ultimately, how you feel. Not to mention how great it is waking up without the puffy-but-still-sunken-in eye fad. Being sober certainly does start the day with a brighter outlook, and that means literally. 

  1. Maintain a Better Brain

All that brain fog that goes with heavy drinking, is the sign of a tired brain. Let’s be clear, passing out is not the same as sleeping. Sleeping after drinking technically isn’t quality rest either. But once you give yourself a break from the constant intake of alcohol, your sleep quality improves significantly. 

Soon after becoming sober, brain activity will begin to normalize and the time spent in REM increases. The effect of this prompts improved response times and calmness under pressure throughout each day. Without the need to counteract the effects of alcohol all night, the brain can get right down to business. Additionally, the stress response is often also improved as a direct result of getting better quality sleep. 

  1. The Gift Of Clarity

One of the benefits of sober living is residing in an environment that is without a majority of temptation. This allows time to gain mental clarity and work on personal development. Some reasons to quit drinking, offered by those in recovery, revolve around being able to think clearly. Yet still, being fresh out of rehab is overwhelming and relapse is a real threat. Within a sober community, recovering addicts can reside with peers working and healing similarly. This provides clarity to the individual, and also, a sense of community support. 

  1. Restoration of Relationships

After we abuse alcohol for a long time, we tend to begin to behave differently. This is likely often while under the influence, but worse when going through withdrawal. However, once we begin to embrace our sobriety, there will be an immediate change of our personality for the better. Family, friends, even co-workers, and acquaintances, will notice as well. This change of attitude will show those we love, and the world, a better side of us without the intoxication. 

  1. Allure In The Absence Of Alcohol

Believe me, people will notice. Maybe they won’t know what exactly they are noticing, but something will have changed. However, those that care about you most will become your biggest fans. The compliments and encouragement will surely not be in short supply. But even better, you will feel like the best part of you is shining through. 

The Odds Of Survival Increase 

You’ve heard the saying, “no one gets out alive.” While that is true, why rush it? One of the best reasons to quit drinking is to live longer. Studies show that people who drink less, or not at all, lower their chances of diabetes and heart disease exponentially. Not only does sobriety increase organ function, but it also lowers the chances of accidents and bodily injury. Since alcohol abuse is linked to poor decision-making and lack of coordination, drinking simply does not contribute to longevity. 

High on Life

Want to feel the best feeling in the entire world? As if you were a kid again, enjoying the little things and feeling fabulous about them? Those days can be far from over. But there is one thing that stands in the way. 

Alcohol, and everything that comes with it, forces the childlike euphoria right out of us. When we’re drunk, we make mistakes, and usually a lot of them. These mistakes force us to grow up more quickly and take life more seriously. Needless to say, that’s when stress increases. Stress not only about daily life events but also about feeling addicted to avoiding withdrawal. 

Instead of having to face life with such a harsh sense of reality, quitting drinking rejuvenates that childlike optimism. It is that sense of wonder, vs dread and anxiety, that alcohol takes away from us. Sobriety allows us to experience the euphoria of just being alive again, without having to be intoxicated to do so. 

Matching With A Mate

Dating is hard as it is. Trying to find a life partner when alcohol is in charge of your brain, doesn’t usually end in a fairytale. By giving up substance abuse you can spend more time doing things sober.  This allows the opportunity to meet someone that will want to get to know you on a deeper level. As a bonus, you will often meet people at events that have similar interests to enjoy together. Sober home activities are often extremely diverse and offer programs that are fun as well as beneficial. Making romantic connections while doing something you enjoy sounds like a real win/win. Best of all, you’ll know they’re bettering themselves through their sobriety too. 

Positively Pleasurable Performances

Speaking of romance, who doesn’t appreciate a healthy sense of intimacy. Although this does naturally include physical sexual performance, emotional intimacy is just as important. By taking the time to work on yourself through sobriety, you can share a deeper connection with another.  

Be The Hero of Your Genuine Happiness

All in all, of the best reasons to quit drinking, quitting for yourself is the best one there is. You will be happier and feel better, plain and simple. Getting sober and doing the work to stay that way is an achievement that you can be proud of every day. That sense of worth adds so much to a person’s life and the quality of everything they are capable of. Getting in a program and sticking with it, makes you the hero of your own story. 

Be The Person You Would Hire To Do The Job

Ask yourself a serious question. Would you hire you, while you were an active alcoholic? If you are answering honestly, the answer is no. 

There would be no promotion coming your way, and the alcohol made that a point. Long story short, when we drink, we suppress the best parts of ourselves. What comes out instead is an alternate person that we have less and less control over. No doubt, alcohol has been the reason, at least once, that you’ve shown up late. If not late, what about unprepared or disheveled. Is that the person you would hire to do a job? Any Job? 

What if the “job” was being in charge of the future of you? Wouldn’t the sober version of you know how to handle the situation better than letting the drunk guy steer? 

It’s worth the chance to become that person that you’d trust to take care of your future. Because when it comes down to it, the future is what we have to look forward to.

Sober Living Is Worth What It Takes To Quit

There are so many reasons to quit drinking. Honestly, everything depends on it. The journey to get clean and sober in itself is rewarding beyond measure. It just takes time and patience to get started. After that, the advantages and positive changes continue multiplying. Find out more about sober living and how to reserve your spot within the program. Give yourself the chance to be the best, of all reasons, to quit drinking.