It’s been said that the body merely acts in accordance with what the mind commands. However, a faint voice deep inside us sometimes becomes a culprit which changes the way we think. Are you the gullible type or courageous in dealing with temptation? Are you strong enough to adhere to what you have vowed to change? These two questions are oftentimes the most difficult to answer but we can take it slow.

Overcoming Passion


Being able to feel is a human factor but it is in the discretion of a person if he chooses to commit an unacceptable social act that causes his life a-shambles. Emotions are sometimes scary that it can ruin what we have planned. More so if what we have thought of is transforming ourselves into better individuals. Some things may not just work for you unless you are bent on to take the challenge.

Is there a way to overcome emotions? Certainly, passion can be controlled. It takes a matter of time to solve this dilemma but using the proper tools and people who are gathered around you, this isn’t too daunting for a task. Dealing with emotion is not a thing that we can take astride and controlling how we feel towards a particular thing or event starts with these tips:

  • Identify the emotion

  • Emotions do not appear at random

  • Take note of how you react

  • Look at how a bad scenario can make you look bad

  • Take a look at the options

  • Choose a specific path

Here are some details that can further explain the above mentioned tips:

  1. How can you identify emotion?

    The few basic emotions generated by a human being are anticipation, joy, anger, surprise, acceptance, fear and disgust. A few other sub-feelings fall below any of these categories which makes other people misconstrue them as separate from the basics.

    Willingness to control what you feel doesn’t mean you want to ignore it but you just want to get hold of situations that may arise once wrong judgment over some matters ensues. What is manifested or apparently felt can be easily taken care of but what is not identified makes it hard for an individual to provide appropriate solution. Ignoring the feeling can lead to a worsened situation so don’t let it stand—think how you can counter it the moment it starts to materialize.

  2. Do emotions appear at random?

    There is always a trigger factor before a particular feeling sets in. It is often the result of what has transpired or an outcome of a certain situation. Therefore, never think that things just appear in front of you without having done anything; they are there for a reason.

    Taking ownership of your feelings is the best step that you should take. It is your responsibility to solve your own problem as you are playing the lead role in your life. Blaming it on others may seem uncalled for as other people may have been hooked up by circumstance.

  3. How should you react to a particular situation?

    If you act on instinct, there is a huge possibility that you may act not in accordance with proper norms. The following are some suggestions that can create a different scenario out of a looming blunder.

    • You may want to stop and assess what have happened.

    • Check on what you were thinking right before the situation presented itself.

    • Think of a more rational approach towards the situation before you jump into a conclusion.

  4. Why does a circumstance happen?

    A circumstance is an offshoot of an act. It sprouts once a thought is transformed into action and when that action delivers a bad outcome. Instances such as this may never get undone. All the “what –ifs” would come about to being and regretting is a thing to ponder upon by the individual who did the act.

    To prevent this from happening, make a list of evidences that contradicts or supports a particular thought. Write them down on paper to enable you to piece them all together so you can make a justification on why you were subjected to a particular reaction. But to all these, proper evaluation of an act before it is done is a top-notch measure.

  5. Are you open for options?

    There are a lot of choices in life that you can select from and have been used by many to gain some progress in their lifestyles. Like you have a choice of going back home after a rehab program or opt to stay for a while in a sober living community while waiting for total recovery. Once you think that there is only one way to react, then, control and change probabilities are nil.

    There are several ways to respond to a situation that you can see in front of you. Read on to know what they are lest you have forgotten that you can empower yourself into creating the transformation.

    • Do nothing – Think first before anything else. This can make you see well through a scenario.

    • Relax – Breathe in and out to release the tension from your mind and body which can bring you to answer, feel and act in the right manner.

    • Think of doing the opposite – It’s not being a hypocrite; it’s all about placing yourself on the same situation but thinking of doing what others may do so in place of you.

  6. How good are you at decision-making?

    When making a decision, be aware that what you are up to is not deciding to solve another competing emotion. It always has to be a conscious decision like when you choose not to pick up a fight when an insult is hurled at you and not making it appear as a response to the fear of being confronted. You may choose to use principle or sheer logic in decision-making. The former answers questions of your moral and social integrity while the latter deals mostly with your ego which places the outcome you want to see.

The Total Emotion Diversion Tool


Aside from dealing with emotional transformation, healthy living is essential when the goal involved is fitting back in to society. The mind can think of good thoughts once it is prepped up with fitness. Regular exercise can take away the cobwebs from the mind and causes it to work properly just because the body is active and working well.

Make way for a healthier persona by means of indulging into some form of routine at a spa or gym. It can be noted that people who suffer from emotional issues have the habit of bingeing on food or other substances that can harm their body system.

To those who have been cleansed chemically, health predicaments would prevail unless they act on it without delay. Physical exercise takes up only several hours of your time in a week so eliminate the hesitation as the benefits are unlimited. Taking every effort that you can gather to divert your extra time into being an active individual leads you to eradicate thoughts on your past experiences as well as regain back your self-confidence.