Sometimes a change of environment can be good for the soul and it is especially true for those recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Settling into new scenery and even a change of pace is beneficial to people who are on the road to recovery and what better way than to check yourself in at the many sober living homes in California.

If you really want to be sober, you will do all that you can to get back on the wellness road. For some it means checking into a sober living home in California even if it is miles away from your home. Sober living in California can be good for recovering alcoholics and drug dependents because of the sunny and warm climate that is usually reminiscent of good and happy times. You cannot help but be invigorated with the sun to also keep the dark thoughts away. There are also many choice sober living environments in California so you can easily choose the perfect and more conducive location for your recovery.

Sober living in California is popular because of the beach resort locations. Nothing beats getting better than at resort-oriented sober living homes. Granted, these may be more expensive than your regular sober living environments but at least you will have more nature-related sports activities to look forward to. These nature-led sober living California homes also emphasize peace and tranquility in both mind and body which you can really take advantage of because of the location.

If you cannot afford to get away from your work to appreciate the 90-day schedule of most sober living homes, then you can stay in the city at some of the sober living California condos and lofts that let you stay for a shorter period of time. They may not have the resort setting that you are looking for but they still have modern amenities and well-maintained rooms to get you back into the program.

Regardless of the location, you will generally participate in a 12-step program, attend support group meetings and submit yourself to random drug and alcohol testing to make sure that you are really dedicated to staying sober. Often times you are encouraged to eat meals with the other guests and to interact with them on a daily basis.

All these services, programs and amenities are meant to complement each other and keep you on the road to sobriety. It is difficult to stay on this road and you are meant to take advantage of each of these tools for the sake of sobriety.