Rehab Transportation: Making The Transition Towards Sober Living 

One of the overlooked dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic that has wreaked havoc worldwide is the lack of access to treatment services for those suffering from addiction and mental illness. Medical facilities in many areas, especially the more rural ones, shut down, at least if not temporarily. 

As a result, this has left many people who are in various stages of recovery at-risk, and without the resources and critical support, they need. While telehealth/virtual care, as opposed to in-person care, has become more prevalent than ever before, making the transition towards better health and sobriety still has been hindered by limitations and an apparent gap in the healthcare system, specifically meeting the demand versus the need for treatment.    

However, it’s important to note, that these issues aren’t just limited to COVID. This problem of lack of access to healthcare has been an ongoing issue that has not been addressed for quite some time. This refers to millions of people needing rehab services to recover, but not receiving them. 

While the lack of help is due to various reasons, such as finances, location, willingness to get help, stigma, etc., accountability lies on one of the most important resources people need to be admitted into a rehab facility in the first place. This being transportation. 

From Your Front Door to Our Addiction Recovery Center

You did it, you took the first step towards bettering your life by breaking down the walls of fear, guilt, and shame, admitted you have a problem, and reached out for help. As an established network of support, family and friends who care and support your journey to recovery helped you find a rehab facility with a treatment program that suits your needs. 

Then, just when you’re finally on the cusp of a new and improved healthy lifestyle, becoming clean and sober, there’s only one problem, for whatever reason you don’t have transportation to the rehab facility. This scenario is something that is unfortunately known all too well. 

Well, have no fear! Luckily, there are resources available for people suffering from addiction, to gain proper access to the treatment they need to have a high-quality and sober lifestyle. Our team of highly-trained specialists at Casa Nuevo Vida in Los Angeles, California, provides rehab transportation services to our sober living accommodations to help people stay on the path to recovery and achieve long-term sobriety. 

What is Rehab Transportation? 

A sober transportation chaperone is more than just some ride to and from treatment. While that’s essentially the main purpose of what it’s used for, there’s a bigger picture to focus on. For individuals who are suffering from addiction and in recovery, going to treatment, especially for the first time, can not only be stressful and scary, but the travel itself can be a trigger to use. 

Rehab transportation is used as a resourceful and safe method of navigating the world of addiction treatment, providing people with companionship during times of travel, and at events where addictive substances may be present and available. This, in turn, gives someone an extra layer of safety, accountability, and a plan to prevent the high risk of relapse that is common during these trying times. 


The Benefits of Rehab Transportation Services

While creating a secure and efficient environment for addicted individuals relies heavily on routine and structure, that is not the main focus. Imagine suffering from addiction and/or mental illness, and not having a way to get to a rehab facility for professional help.

This leaves people vulnerable, isolated, as well as, hesitant to ask for help as they feel as though they’re burdening others with their problems. Most importantly, this is dangerous, because it can lead to relapse, overdose, and even death. This is the reality for millions of people. 

That’s why, Casa Nuevo Vida believes it’s vital to teach the individuals that come to us for help, learn how to navigate their addiction, along with the physical, emotional, and psychological elements of the disease, and what it takes to recover from it. 

Resources, as well as, the education and tools that are used in our treatment programs, are designed to help people better themselves, and properly manage their conditions. The benefit of having services readily available has helped to determine the success of the treatment programs and therapy services that we offer. 

With this being said, there are many benefits of rehab transportation services, especially in the early weeks and months of the journey to recovery. 

When Is Rehab Transportation Recommended?

There are many instances in which a person may need transportation. This is true, especially for individuals who are enrolled in treatment and need a ride to their facility, and those who are already in a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center and require assistance getting to or from addiction recovery meetings, events, etc. 

Are you wondering when it is recommended to utilize sober transportation services to a sober living facility? Casa Nuevo Vida suggests rehab transportation resources in any of the following instances: 

  • If a person needs transportation to and from their treatment facility and/or program.
  • During events such as reunions, weddings, and business functions, where addictive substances are commonly present.
  • Anytime between treatment intervals or during post-treatment recovery, where the risk of relapse is extremely high. 
  • Anytime a person feels fear, shame, and guilt (stigma) surrounding their treatment. They feel safer with a sponsor or companion in case they have the common cravings or urges to use during the early stages of recovery. 
  • Sober transportation services are offered as an important part of a rehabilitation program’s services, and as a resource to assist and teach individuals with addiction and mental illness important life skills. 

Transportation at a rehab center plays an important role in the recovery process. Resources such as our transportation services at Casa Nuevo Vida will provide a safe and efficient way for people to receive access to the treatment they need. A support system and chauffer all in one. 

Casa Nuevo Vida’s On-Demand Rehab Transportation Services 

Has your loved one accepted help without going through intervention but still needs assistance getting to treatment? Casa Nuevo Vida provides safe, reliable, and trustworthy on-demand rehab transportation services for various situations, such as the ones mentioned above. We recommend that treatment-bound individuals always travel with a trusted partner, whether that be a friend, family member, or co-worker. 

However, we don’t just provide a service, we care about you and your loved one’s wellbeing, and will ensure that recovery begins and ends successfully. When it comes to addiction, we recognize that each person and their family’s circumstances and needs are unique. Therefore, when special circumstances arise, we are fully equipped to place the client with a traveling companion to and from drug and alcohol treatment to address these needs. The possibilities are endless, and the only limitations of access are dictated by the needs of a client. 

Our services provide a higher level of supervision than other rehab facilities, as we strive to create a sense of ease in the transition, going from being an addicted individual to making that difficult yet smartest decision and take the first steps in the addiction recovery process. Casa Nuevo Vida’s clinical transport services include: 

  • Knowledgeable staff and admissions team to assist you. Our call center is available to help 24/7, answer questions, and provide families with necessary information and updates on how their loved ones are doing. 
  • A licensed clinician to safely escort individuals to and from treatment
  • Organization of transportation from home to rehab
  • Assists with admissions process into our rehab facility

You no longer have to wonder and fear anymore if you or your loved ones will get the treatment needed to escape the cycle of substance abuse.  

Lack of Transportation Keeps Many From Addiction Treatment

It seems as if one of the biggest and surprising barriers to receiving addiction treatment is transportation. This is true for many people who would otherwise be seeking substance abuse counseling, inpatient/outpatient rehab, and other addiction-related services. Here are some eye-opening reasons why something so simple and essential, that we often take for granted, can be so difficult to obtain. 

  • Not everyone has access to transportation or can drive. 
  • People don’t always want to have to rely on public transportation, friends or family, to get to their medical appointments or addiction treatments/counseling sessions. 
  • Someone who has an addiction or mental health issues has a higher probability of not being able to drive due to their conditions. For example, they could have lost their license or had it suspended from driving under the influence. 
  • One of the top reasons why someone does not seek help for addiction is because of finances. People who have financial problems or lack insurance benefits, may not know there are other options available to pay for the cost of their treatments. Also, due to a lack of payments on time, someone could have gotten their car repossessed. 

Whatever the reason may be for someone to not be able to have access to proper transportation to rehab, it’s disheartening for something such as this, to inhibit someone from getting the help that they need.  

Closing The Gap In Health Care Access To Drug and Alcohol Rehab Transportation

It has been known for many years, that there has been a gap in the healthcare system, especially between the demand for people needing addiction treatment and those who receive it. Research shows that there are various reasons for this unfortunate disparity, including lack of access to transportation to rehab.

Truth is, that things we take for granted, such as transportation should never be a barrier between people seeking treatment for their addictions. Therefore, if you or a loved one cannot get to a rehab center on your own, Casa Nuevo Vida offers secure and private rehab transportation services to ensure that you receive the care needed at our addiction treatment facility. Once the admissions process and phone assessment/evaluation are complete, our intake specialists will send for transportation and await your arrival.  

How Rehab Transportation Can Help Decrease Or Prevent The High Risk Of Relapse

Relapse is extremely common and prevalent in the early days of recovery in rehab. While statistics show that 1 out of 5 people that seek help have a better chance at staying sober their first 30 days to a year in recovery, turns out, that unfortunately, 75% who are striving to do so, typically relapse within this time. Evidence-based research has also shown, that those who have been in recovery for a full two years, still have a 40% chance of relapsing. 

While these statistics above are daunting, with the proper knowledge, resources, and commitment from our team of addiction specialists at Casa Nuevo Vida, addiction treatment can be successful. Don’t let changing your life for the better become hindered by the urge to use again. Relapse is common but can be prevented. You’re not alone! Resources such as rehab transportation and care are available. 

Let Casa Nuevo Vida Transport You To Sobriety

To ensure that you or your loved one gets the treatment they need, we will organize same-day transportation services to one of our sober living facilities for men and women. We understand this is a scary and difficult time, and therefore, we make the process a little easier by respecting our client’s privacy and always displaying a friendly, pleasant, and calm demeanor during your trip. 

If you or a loved one requires transportation services to our sober living facilities, our admissions team at Casa Nuevo Vida has your back! For more information about the services we provide, contact us today!