Based on studies conducted by medical and mental health experts, a rehab program alone does not guarantee a former addict 100% healing from the substance. Transition period which lies between a facility and the home plays an integral part of recovery. This is where a patient is empowered to reshape the course of his impending reintegration to the society he left behind.

The essential ingredient

Casa Nuevo Vida, one of the advocates of ideal sober housing in Los Angeles, took on a covenant to work out some issues along this gray area to enlighten a coping individual on matters he might not have fully understood while inside a rehabilitation center. Simply put, entering an interim environment such as this marks the start of a life-redeeming factor.

Unlike life at rehab centers, the transitory stage involves teachings and suggestions placed on top of a patient’s plate by certified lecturers or advisers but not everything is done in one sitting. Though there are series of lectures prepared by a designated professional, a one shot deal is never an option. This makes it easier for subjects to digest; to segue smoothly from the harsh realities of a facility straight to a self-supervised surrounding.

Aspects that need to be mended are:

  1. Behavior: Behavioral patterns are studied profoundly based on actual account of the patients and their profiles as recorded upon enrollment. Experts would see clearly via manifestations on gestures and also through questions directed them during interviews or meetings.

    • Temper – Too much passion best describes a patient who has undergone rehab and have not mellowed till the day he had been dispensed from the center. This is quite understandable as there is too much insecurity that had to be dealt with not only to the new life that awaits him but within himself.

    • Thinking – Reasoning may have been drenched by circumstances and this is one crucial matter that needs thorough cleanup unless the goal is otherwise. The significance of a true treatment lies in the hands of mental health experts. Basic and advanced tests are conducted so as to be sure of the right outcome and long term recovery.

  2. Social Skills: Facing the world ahead is a struggle for reforming addicts. There are thoughts about being unrecognized in their efforts which gives them a hard time in trusting other people. Thus, this type of reaction further deprives them from making friends.

  3. Relationships Department: Along with social skills buildup, this department is another aspect considered as crucial in transforming an individual into a better person. Past experiences have driven individuals to isolate themselves from the rest of the lot as they think and act differently from the others.

Your battle cry should include:

  • Explore – Individuals are taught how to dwell on their imaginations no matter how complicated they are and taught how to simplify them in order to achieve straightforward judgment. This is where recovery starts; once the ego is understood, change follows suit.

  • Regain control – Conditioning the mind to dictate on what the body must do is imperative so that cravings and old habits will not resurface. Gaining total control of every tempting situation that presents itself is a huge leap towards recovery.

  • Transform – Reclaiming your right to live in a society is not that hard once you have decided to change for the better. Transforming yourself into a better person means conforming to the rules society have imposed. Never let “toeing the line” beset you; “staying on the line” is a better phrase.

  • Redeem – Redeem the life you have lost a long time ago and cling to it forever or else you will just throw away what you have started to rebuild. If you think you have a brighter future waiting ahead of you, then, let it ring in your ears. Everybody deserves a second shot at life!

Special considerations

There are some considerations, however, such as medical and emotional issues met head-on by some individuals. Several house guests who have health complications which led them to acquire illnesses while inside rehab facilities can also be treated by resident practitioners within these homes.
It actually seems like hitting two birds in one stone. Exercise regimens are controlled by the managers of the house to fit into the health condition of their patients while engaging them in workshops, lectures and counseling.

Why sober homes can initiate the shift

Sober housing sprouted out from the need of people to prepare themselves for the next battle in life which is society reintegration. Some say it is hard while those who follow the rules and have strengthened their conviction to recover aver that nothing is such. It is just like thinking of staying behind or moving several steps forward into achieving the goal.

Several restrictions have been drafted and each house guest is asked to conform to these rules upon registration:

  1. Prohibited drugs are not allowed

  2. Alcohol is prohibited inside the estate

  3. Violence is not allowed

  4. Overnight guests are not welcome

  5. Active 12-Step Program participation

  6. Drug & alcohol tests are randomly administered

  7. Involvement in work, school, or outpatient program

Transitional environments act as advocates of change that is why everyone inside these homes is asked to go by the rules as implemented by the management. Once found to have violated some of these rules, a patient is subjected to re-evaluation by a panel and that could earn him a longer period of stay. This could not be avoided sometimes as there are other patients who are visited by some of their old friends who have caused them into this predicament.

Therefore, it is better to avoid toxic relations and start afresh with those who bring good news. A patient may also want to think of transferring to a new location to avert the resurgence of the habit. Places that you used to visit may help you retrace your steps back to the darker side of life.

It is also a good idea to start job hunting while inside the house to get a clear view on how you fare as an applicant. Self-confidence would surge up as soon as you have landed on a job. Once out, you can start life anew and become a productive individual.