Substance addiction takes a toll on both mental and physical health. People struggling to put drugs or alcohol behind them can benefit immensely by spending time in a sober living community. Some of the best transitional living programs in Los Angeles are gender specific in order to provide the most customized care for their clients. When it comes to women’s sober living, Casa Nuevo Vida features caring, nurturing environments where women can safely recover and begin their sober lives afresh.

Women’s Sober Living

Gender-specific sober living programs can support the recovery process. When it comes to women’s sober living in the Los Angeles region, Casa Nuevo Vida features two locations that provide a safe place for women where they can participate in holistic activities, engage in group meetings, and focus on their individual recovery journeys. Casa Nuevo Vida offers many amenities like private rooms and bathrooms, delicious and nutritious cuisine, gym and recreational equipment, and much more. Best of all, Casa Nuevo Vida features women’s sober living facilities staffed by caring mentors who provide support for women as they work to achieve their recovery goals.

The Benefits of Sober Living Communities

Rehab is an intensive experience where individuals undergo weeks of therapy. Yet, a few weeks or even a month may not effectively prepare many individuals for their return home. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, sober living communities provide alcohol and drug-free environments where people who are still vulnerable to relapse can transition from rehab to independence. Women’s sober living programs provide a transitional home where women can practice the coping skills they learned in rehab and work to prevent their trigger from causing a relapse. By living with peers and interacting daily with mentors, women in recovery from substance addiction can get the extra support they need before ultimately returning to their lives.

If you are interested in women’s sober living programs and facilities, be sure to explore the offerings available at Casa Nuevo Vida. Their comfortable housing environments are designed to promote the recovery process, while their meetings and activities promote self-confidence, well-being, and mental and physical health.