Casa Nuevo Vida, located in beautiful Los Angeles, California, is a sober living program. Our residents live in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment. Our facility’s surroundings promote the opportunity for you to be able to continue your life of sobriety.

We offer many beneficial additions to the everyday routine of living in a structured environment. Our activities and amenities create an atmosphere that promotes healing in the spiritual and physical sense. We believe that healing has to begin within.

What Is A Sober Living House?

Sober Living HouseA sober living house is a group home established for those who are recovering from addiction. Each sober living house has strict rules and regulations that all residents must follow. These sober house rules are established to protect you and those you live with. The rules help you to be successful in preventing a relapse.

Sober living houses are a place where you can have your independence and begin your new substance-free life. It is a good option as the next step for those who are moving out of an inpatient facility. Sober living houses are also an option for those who need to live in a residence that is free from the temptation of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it is the only option for some people who may be facing homelessness or would be moving back into surroundings where drugs and alcohol are readily available.

Most sober living houses are gender-specific. It has been found that by living in a male or female only environment, distractions are decreased. This type of housing also allows for deep, caring friendships and support systems to form. The bonds that are created and conversations that take place provide a support system that will increase your chances of maintaining your sobriety.

Would I Benefit From Living In A Sober Living House?

The purpose of a sober living house is to allow you the freedom to live life in surroundings that are 

  • Safe
  • Supportive
  • Structured
  • Productive
  • Healthy


The no-nonsense drug and alcohol-free policy of a sober living house will create a feeling of security for you. This zero tolerance environment relieves you of any possible temptation that may risk your newfound sober lifestyle. Residents of a sober living house are drug tested on a regular schedule.


A sober living house will allow you the opportunity to form relationships with the other residents who have the same goals as yourself. First and foremost – the goal to remain sober. The support system that is formed is very beneficial. You will also have the support of on-site staff members.


One of the benefits of living in a sober living house is the sober living house rules that you must follow. These rules provide a key component in your recovery. Without this structure the chances for relapse are tremendous. The daily life in a sober living house includes household chores. These chores form a renewed sense of responsibility and teach life skills that will be needed in life after living in a sober living house.


Life in a sober living house will give you the confidence and support you need to regain your footing in the world. When you leave the sober living house you will feel ready to maintain the new responsibilities of a life that is not dependent on drugs or alcohol. Your transition into a healthy, contributing member of society will be less stressful.


The life of an addict is especially hard on your health. While residing in a sober living house you will benefit by learning how to have better eating habits. Different types of exercise programs are also offered which will provide you with an overall benefit to your quality of life. Residents of a sober living house will also attend meetings and therapy sessions to increase your support.

Sober House Rules and Regulations For Residents

In order to live in a sober living house, you must agree to abide by sober living facility halfway house rules. Each house has its own specific rules and regulations that you must follow, but some general rules include: 

  • No drugs or alcohol
  • Participation in random drug tests
  • Being involved in house chores
  • Participating in a job or school
  • Attend recovery meetings
  • Respecting established curfews

house rulesBefore you move into a sober living house you need to be prepared to commit to sober house rules. The purpose of these sober living rules and regulations is to establish boundaries, increase responsibility, and maintain a safe environment for all residents. The most important rule is simple: remain sober.

The rules of a sober living house are also put in place to provide stability as you build your new life of sobriety. It is also important to maintain an atmosphere of respect for all residents who live in the sober living house. The balance of freedom and structure is hard to keep without these necessary sober living rules and regulations.

What Are the Results That Come From Living In A Sober Living House?

The support that you feel as you transition from a treatment center to a sober living house is critical to your success. This is a chance for you to create a new life where your old habits of drug or alcohol abuse are a thing of the past. It is a pivotal point in your recovery process.

During your time at a sober living house, you will have the opportunity to make many positive changes in your life. These changes can correct past mistakes, and affect your present and future status. Such things as:

  • Re-establishing relationships with family and friends that were destroyed while you were addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Finding a job
  • Finding a place to live once your time at the sober living house is over
  • Creating a lifestyle where you feel strong enough to resist the temptations of life beyond the structure in a sober living house

The encouragement and support that you will receive in a sober living house will prepare you for your new life. The coping skills that you will learn and the new habits you will form are key to your success. This aftercare plan will help you by

  • Learning how to identify things that may trigger a relapse
  • Providing you with emergency contacts that you can use when life gets stressful and overwhelming
  • Educating you about how to make healthy choices

Who Is Eligible To Live In A Sober Living House?

The majority of people who reside in a sober living house have completed a substance abuse rehabilitation program. The transition is easier when you move from this type of program because this is where you have started the process of learning how to maintain your sobriety. This step increases your chances of success.

There are some sober living houses that accept new residents who are not transitioning from a rehabilitation program. It only takes a commitment to be willing to accept the sober house rules and regulations and remain sober. Commitment is the key to success for all residents, no matter your substance abuse history.

Is A Sober Living House the Right Fit For Me?

Sober Living HouseThink of a sober living house as a step between an inpatient facility and the real world. If you are ready to make the necessary commitment then this is a good fit for you. The support, care, and sense of community that you will find may just be the connection you need.

A sober living house allows for healing to happen in a safe, structured, and secure environment. There is ample time to focus on your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. These are all important pieces of the puzzle in maintaining a sober lifestyle.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction then a sober living house may be the right fit. A sober living house may be the key to a successful recovery. It is a proven tool that works for many recovering addicts.

What Can Casa Nuevo Vida Provide?

The structure, safety, and support that is provided as part of our sober living program at Casa Nuevo Vida can be just what you need to help you or your loved one have a fresh start. You deserve to have an opportunity for the chance to create a new, sober life. You will find that we will provide you with the care and attention you deserve to make this happen.

Our transitional sober living program focuses on helping you become healthy, focused, and strong. Our facilities and staff are among the best. They will provide you with a hands-on approach that is necessary to reach your goal of sobriety. 

If you are ready to take that first step, Casa Nuevo Vida can help. Please contact us today. We are ready to help you work through the steps needed in order to maintain your recovery from substance abuse.