Cheviot Hills, nestled between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, is a picturesque neighborhood, ideally suited for sober living. Our Cheviot Hills sober living home helps women in recovery develop a new, healthy lifestyle in a peaceful, relaxing neighborhood with gorgeous old homes and winding, tree-lined streets.

A quality sober living home provides an environment that fosters healing and promotes a healthy lifestyle and optimal healing. Here’s what makes Cheviot Hills sober living a great choice for women in recovery.


Our Cheviot Hills sober living home is nestled in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. According to the L.A. Times, Cheviot Hills has lower crime rate than nearby Palms, Rancho Park and West Los Angeles. Out of 209 L.A. neighborhoods, Cheviot Hills is ranked 155 for violent crimes. Residents of Cheviot Hills sober living can feel safe in this neighborhood and in our secured home.


Successful recovery requires keeping stress levels low and maintaining a stable mood, according to addiction expert Steven Melemis. Your living environment has an important impact on both. Our Cheviot Hills sober living home promotes relaxation and positive emotions through its tranquil setting on a quiet, shady street. The back yard is its own secluded paradise, lush with natural greenery and featuring a heated pool and hot tub for exercise and relaxation.


Cheviot hills sober living is in an ideal location for recreation. Cheviot Hills is built around the Rancho Golf Course, a public, 18-hole course that features a clubhouse, coffee shop, snack bar, and putting greens. The Cheviot Hills Recreation Center is close to our Cheviot Hills sober living home and features lighted tennis courts, an outdoor pool, an archery range, basketball courts and barbecue pits. The neighborhood offers several parks, and it’s easy to find a nearby AA meeting any time of day.

Is Cheviot Hills Sober Living Right for You?

Cheviot Hill’s central location and serene vibe make it a great location for a sober living home. Our sober living home features attractive, contemporary decor; delicious, healthy meals; around-the-clock support from resident house managers and supportive residents who are committed to recovery. All told, Cheviot Hills sober living is the perfect living space for you in your recovery journey.