Alcoholism has remained one of the most talked about arguments among individuals to date. Some of them assert that substance abuse such as this is a choice while to others—it is a disease. But no matter what each side prefers to call it, it is one huge obstruction in one’s life which dissuades an alcoholic to live life normally.

Common factors that lead to alcoholism

  • Family problems
  • Stress at the workplace
  • Frustrations at work
  • Excessive partying
  • Relentless display of status


As a handy excuse to life’s difficulties, the word alcoholism itself gets abused by many people. But as to who ever started blaming the substance for being there and sold publicly, it is also important to know that it is the individual who rends himself; who knows how to think and knows what to choose that can be defined as the main culprit in every substance abuse scenario.

So what if liquor and cigarettes are being plugged on national TV? So what if celebrities endorse them? The human mind, as we know, is endowed with the capacity to rationalize so there is a need to know how to react when we see things we want to try, avoid, or binge on. Staying sober must start from within and not putting the blame on the environment all the time.

The role of sober living homes

Sober living homes play a crucial role in the transition period every substance abuser has to experience. These are houses built to take charge of rebuilding emotional and mental well-being of individuals who have withdrawn themselves from addictive substances. A void has to be filled up after coming from a rehab facility and people employed in these establishments are certified to fix that. Substance abuse is never a big issue as they know the best points to hit when treating recovering addicts.

Applying treatment to patients by using techniques that only professionals know is one assurance that you can get out of sober living homes. It may start as a simple routine exercise or a heart-to-heart talk which sometimes ends up with the patient shouting on the top of his lungs. Yes, shouting is allowed in these venues as a form of letting grudges, guilt and anger out of the system.

Daily routine may include a quiet time, conversing with counselors and other patients, or engaging in in-house leisure activities. Some establishments offer art appreciation lessons and playing musical instruments can be enjoyed with a group. These activities can steer patients towards a more stable state of mind and can better prepare them to face the world with full confidence.

Your choice, your call

A choice is a thing you can take control of; once you screw up, you become a victim to your own choice. Things done in sobriety help build up an individual’s status but things done in excess can only bring it in a flash. Urging the mind to focus on a better option is what sane people are good at; but for the otherwise, a simple choice may just rule their lives where twists and turns are common.