Nothing could be better than living inside your own home. However, if you have a family member who is due to come out of a rehabilitation facility and you think that he is not yet prepared to face the music, then, a sober living home is the best place for him to stay temporarily. Aside from mingling with individuals who have almost the same concerns as your family member has, professional consultants abound in this type of venue.

There is much caution when dealing with rehab graduates than people who have not been into rehabilitation facilities all their lives. Due to this, administrators of these homes are careful enough in choosing persons who deal directly with the patients. These people are knowledgeable in caring for them, reserve time for each ward for one-on-one counseling and also spare time to participate in sports and leisure activities.

What they see in each house guest

Consultants may or may not be living in the same home with the patients. They would prefer to call their guests on first name basis rather than by any other terms. This method makes it easier for them to get the sympathy of their wards. Getting them to become well-acquainted with the environment or house setting plus rules and regulations can add up to the ease of managing their emotional situations.

What provisions guests enjoy

What you see in these types of homes are lush gardens where registered guests can enjoy walking, jogging, or sipping afternoon tea. There are also some exercise amenities for those who want to tone down their bodies. Some establishments own a swimming pool or a spa for relaxation. However, the most sought-after amenity is the ambiance where there is harmony, peace and fun.

What is taught

Living a sober life is not that easy most especially to those who are not quick to adjust from the rigors of rehabilitation going to living life normally. This phase is the most crucial of all as it is a stage where recovering individuals either make or break their vows.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Responsibility – responsibility towards one’s self is imbibed in each patient so that they will learn how to value their own being as well as other people’s lives.
  • Motivation – Motivating each patient into leading better lives and seeing them through their past experiences is a big help. Every guest is also reminded that they, too, can help themselves by means of self-motivation and focus.
  • Hope – Where there is hope, there is a brighter future. This value is taught not only in passing but in a way that is comprehensible even to the most unfeeling person.


When choosing a sober living home for your loved one, be sure that you have gone through their list of house rules and have read the entire agreement. Another thing that you must watch out for is the credentials not just of the people who work there but also that of the establishment itself. Above all these, there is nothing left to worry about but the fees that you have to take care of before and after your loved one’s stay.