A high quality sober living home can be a major factor for successful recovery. High quality sober living provides a safe, stable and sober environment that promotes healthy lifestyle changes. If you’re a nature lover or an ocean enthusiast, a sober living beach house is ideal for your situation. Here’s how choosing a sober living beach house can boost recovery efforts.

A sober living beach house promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

The American Institute of Stress cites viewing nature as one of the most potent ways to reduce stress. Studies show that viewing nature in person reduces stress on the spot and helps improve the body’s stress response. A sober living beach house offers close proximity to the ocean, and sometimes views of the ocean. Casa Nuevo Vida’s Playa del Rey sober living beach house is not only located next to Manhattan Beach, it’s also close to Ballona Creek, which features hiking trails and an abundance of wildlife.

A sober living beach house helps you put things into perspective.

Spending time relaxing and reflecting is central to successful recovery. After a busy, hectic day, or during a challenging time, a long walk on the beach can lull you into a calm state and help regain your bearings. Looking out on the vast ocean and pondering its enormous depth and power can help you put things into perspective, help you let go of the trivial and embrace the present. A sober living beach house makes it possible to fit in as many long walks on the beach as you need, whenever needed.

A sober living beach house provides endless recreational opportunities.

A healthy lifestyle in recovery includes plenty of time for recreation and relaxation. In fact, redefining fun, and having plenty of it, is one of the pillars of successful recovery, according to an article in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine. A beach environment offers numerous opportunities for recreation, including swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, hiking, bonfires, and beach volleyball. Our sober living beach house on Trask Avenue is within walking distance to both the beach and Marina del Rey’s bustling harbor.

A sober living home offers essential support in the early months of recovery. It promotes the healthy habits and relationships that foster long-term sobriety. A sober living beach house is just one of many good options for a sober living environment. For those who love the ocean, sober living on the beach makes the healing that much sweeter.