For a person with a substance addiction, sobriety can be a hard-fought battle. If you are Jewish, it can be helpful to draw upon your spirituality when coping with the challenges associated with the recovery process. Being kosher and sober can be done, but there are some tips to keep in mind as you work to change your lifestyle and maintain your commitment to disease management.

Choose a Kosher-Friendly Treatment Center

Although there are some addiction treatment centers that are designed specifically for Jewish clientele, there are many others that are highly sensitive to people’s spiritual beliefs and needs. If living sober with a kosher sensibility is important to you, it makes sense to choose a treatment center that will be sensitive to your identity and positive lifestyle choices. As you research, talk to staff members to ensure that your spiritual practices won’t just be tolerated but that they’ll be supported.

Maintain Spiritual Practices

Structure is important for living sober. Adhering to the practices of your faith like observing the sabbath can enhance your recovery process. Relying on your faith during a difficult period can deepen your spirituality. Addiction is not a spiritual problem, but its treatment can have a distinctively spiritual overtone that offers comfort as well as guidance. Therefore, do your best to attend temple services and to take part in activities that help you feel connected to your faith.

Rely on Community

If you have a community of Jewish family, friends, and mentors, it can be helpful to rely on their support during your recovery journey. Suffering from a substance addiction can feel isolating and lonely. Supportive members of your congregation can provide relief from the loneliness as you transition to sober living. Living with other Jewish recovering individuals may be another option to promote sober living. Many will want to help you on your journey; it’s important to maintain connections with people of your faith who have your best interests at heart.

Living sober will invariably include some challenges for an individual learning to manage addiction but maintaining a strong connection to your Jewish faith can help you manage those struggles more effectively. Keep these tips in mind as you build your new kosher sober life.

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