Many people incorporate alcohol into their lives. In fact, it is a source to overcome social anxiety. Also, it is used as a means to unwind at the end of the day or to escape problems. However, drinking too much without the ability to stop leads to addiction. When you analyze the definition of sobriety and the best way to stop drinking, you may realize that you need help. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we are ready to keep you on the right track.

What Does Sober Mean?

In reality, the definition of sobriety includes the idea of being free from intoxication. In other words, a person is not under the influence or drunk. However, Keith Humphreys, professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, discusses a medical definition. He explains that people who are recovering from alcohol misuse disorders have a broader definition. They believe that “sober” means having a new outlook on life and heightened emotional serenity that increases their quality of life.

What Does “Sober Curious” Mean?

“Sober curious” directly goes against the idea of passively involving yourself with today’s dominant drinking culture. Many times, a “sober curious” individual is quite conscious about making the decision to drink alcohol. In other words, it is a culture or lifestyle where a person alters drinking habits for health-focused reasons. 

However, it is important to decipher between being “sober curious” and being fully sober. A person with an alcohol misuse disorder does not have the option to use the “sober curious” label. To explain, this individual experiences depression, withdrawal symptoms, cravings, other problems from drinking.

Sobriety is Not a Fad

In fact, sobriety is not a fad. It is a lifestyle that takes time to make progress. However, society is beginning to recognize that there are no longer negative stigmas attached to it. In reality, many people misuse alcohol in this country. Living on a sober path requires lifestyle changes that are not easy. 

Many times, when a person stops drinking, he or she feels anxious and doubtful. Depending on why this person drinks, he or she may need to find alternative ways to socialize or deal with life’s stresses.

Is AA the Only Way to Get Sober?

Sobriety is Not a FadIs AA the only way to get sober? Thankfully, Alcoholics Anonymous has offered help to many people who have addiction issues. Through group meetings, people have gained great support and have been successful on their sobriety journeys. However, it is no longer necessary to identify as an alcoholic to change negative behaviors. 

For this reason, sobriety for people who misuse alcohol is becoming less stressful. Also, there are many more programs available that steer a person in a sober direction. For example, there are various online programs, podcasts, and alternative drinking choices that make it easier to focus on an alcohol-free lifestyle.

The Importance of Being Serious about Sobriety

Although the idea of being “sober curious” is not bad, it leads people to believe that sobriety for a person with an alcohol misuse disorder is a choice. It is a matter of life and death. Sobriety is a key part of the recovery process, and it is not always simple. 

Also, recovery includes the process of getting to the core of the individual’s addiction problems. In other words, it is essential to take sobriety seriously. Casual talk about sobriety can be dangerous. To explain, a person in recovery must be sober to avoid damaging results, but a sober person does not necessarily have to be in recovery for a problem.

The Urgency of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue. While a person is in recovery, taking one drink can lead to a negative spiral. The idea of “sober curious” should never underplay the grave nature of alcoholism. However, the “sober curious” movement may make it socially acceptable to stay away from alcohol and begin a conversation about the urgency of the disease. In no way should it trivialize the problem. A person in recovery is returning to a sober lifestyle to get well and to stay healthy.

Tips to Talk Positively About Sobriety

The best way to stop drinking throughout recovery is to remain motivated. Life is stressful and gets overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential to learn tips to stay positive.

Stay Connected with the Recovery Community

When going sober into the long term, it is essential to stay connected with the recovery community. Of course, a person can attend conventional Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. However, an individual can take advantage of technology and join social media groups that encourage positivity among people who struggle with alcohol problems. Keeping connected provides a sense of support and motivation to remain on track and to overcome slip-ups.

Set Goals that are Achievable

Every person in recovery should have goals to maintain sobriety. In this manner, it is possible to stay motivated day-to-day. When a person has a list of things to strive towards and to achieve, he or she will gain a great sense of accomplishment.

Have Gratitude

How Sober Living Homes Help to Maintain SobrietyIndeed, most people who suffer from alcohol misuse disorders have been down a path of destruction. Alcoholism causes rifts in relationships, financial difficulties, and health problems. Through recovery and sobriety, all of these things change. In other words, healing becomes possible. During times of struggle, it is important to look back and to remember the negative past, and have gratitude for all of the progress that has been made.

Keep a Journal

Certainly, as time passes, it is easy to forget the many struggles that occur during the recovery process. Keeping a journal tracks events that lead to sobriety and allows for growth. Indeed, it is a personal record of life that represents all of the successes and pitfalls. In this manner, a person can use this journal to encourage others and to prove that it is possible to successfully get through an alcohol misuse disorder.

How Sober Living Homes Help to Maintain Sobriety

How do I stop drinking? After a person finishes rehab, he or she may not be ready to go back to his or her home environment safely. Notably, many temptations exist. For an easier transition, a person may choose to enter a sober living facility. Living in this setting brings several benefits.

Guidance and Support

To clarify, a sober living house is shared by numerous residents who are struggling with substance misuse disorders. However, they are on the road to recovery. To prevent relapse, tenants gain support and guidance when potential issues arise, including cravings, depression, or troubles assimilating back into the real world without alcohol.

Staff is available to talk, to listen, and to offer advice when it is needed the most. To emphasize, there are rules in place that hold residents accountable as well. Rules must be followed, curfews are enforced, and regular drug testing is performed.

Sober Relationships

Like group therapy, a sober house is filled with people who experience the same issues. Each person comprehends cravings and loses control. Fortunately, it is possible for tenants to lean on each other and to reduce loneliness. Judgments and rejection are at a minimum. Certainly, individuals learn to forge real relationships within a sober house community. Also, accountability is upheld.

Restored Life Skills

In general, addiction keeps a person from acting healthy, exercising, and performing proper hygiene and other life skills. Within sober living, an individual must perform routine chores and establish a regular daily routine. In this manner, practical skills are restored. Markedly, it is the first step towards independence while facing sobriety challenges.

Lowering Chances of Relapse

How Casa Nuevo Vida Helps a Person Stay Sober Into the Long-TermTo repeat, a sober living house gives an individual a safe place to heal with minimal pressure. Substance misuse changes the brain, which makes self-control difficult. Living in this type of environment lowers triggers that lead to relapse. As a result, a person can concentrate on sobriety and continue on the road to recovery.

How Casa Nuevo Vida Helps a Person Stay Sober Into the Long-Term

How do I stop drinking? Surely, to answer this question, a person must recognize the need for professional help. To emphasize, rehabilitation is the first step towards recovery. Following treatment, an individual may decide to enter a sober living facility. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we offer a structured setting in Los Angeles for individuals who need assistance assimilating back to a normal life after addiction. 

We provide several activities that take a person’s mind away from thinking about alcohol. Also, we offer therapy, healthy meals, exercise outlets, and gender-specific programs. In this manner, residents establish new lives while being sober, which makes it easier to get back to a normal life. In other words, residents form routines that help to keep them on successful paths of recovery. To take advantage of these opportunities, contact us today.