For people struggling with substance abuse, it is a long journey from addiction to recovery. As you look for solutions for yourself or a loved one, you may come across the idea of sober living. Casa Nuevo Vida specializes in providing facilities for sober living in California.

Sobriety is an important component of recovering from addiction. Although these terms are used interchangeably, sobriety and recovery are not the same things. By understanding the difference between the two, you will have a better sense of the path on how to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery.

Sobriety and Sober Living

From the moment an addict steps away from drugs and alcohol, his body and mind begin to change. Mild addictions may result in minor cravings and few symptoms. In more serious cases, the process of detox is painful and difficult. The body craves the familiar substance and slowly adjusts to its absence. This process may require medical monitoring in a rehab facility.

After some time without drugs and alcohol, the patient is considered sober. The cravings may not have disappeared, but the substance is no longer present in the body. When sober, the patient reaches a pivot point between relapse and recovery. Our homes for sober living in Los Angeles can help people in recovery stay on the right path.

Sober Living Without Recovery

Benefits of Sober LivingIn essence, sobriety is a state like being hungry or full. It is living in the absence of drugs and alcohol. However, it is not possible to maintain long-term sobriety without being in recovery. As addicts begin to experience the negative effects of addiction, they may stop using for a little while as they try to get their lives together. At this point, they may think that sober living is the only step they need to take to get better. However, it requires a greater commitment and a strong support system to move from early sobriety to recovery.

If addicts do not deal with the underlying causes of an addiction, they may enter into an addictive cycle. In this scenario, the addict does not step away from addictive behaviors but trades one addiction for another. A person in this cycle might refrain from drugs and alcohol for a time, but pick up a habit like compulsive gambling, overeating, or sexual addiction. Such addictions can be just as destructive as substance abuse. There is also a high probability that the addict will cycle back to the original drug or alcohol addiction.

Unfortunately, people who try to break away from addiction without such support are much more likely to relapse over time. According to the National Institute of Health, the long-term relapse rate for addicts who try to quit without help is 60% compared to 40% for those who seek treatment. For lifelong health, addicts must seek resources for a clean and sober recovery.

Lifelong Recovery

To fully recover from addiction, you must understand why you started using. Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to escape from problems in relationships or other stresses. People also self-medicate to cover up a mental health issue. Seeking recovery means confronting the underlying causes of addiction.

Recovery means learning new strategies for dealing with stress and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Often, a recovery program involves counseling and support groups that get to the heart of the matter. At the same time, residents learn practices such as mindfulness and healthy habits to improve their overall well-being. When you invest in self-care, you are less likely to relapse.

You cannot participate in a recovery process if you are not also engaged in sober living. Because drugs and alcohol change the way your brain works, healing can only happen without drugs and alcohol in your body.

Sobriety and Recovery

Sober living in Los Angeles is a challenge on your own. It is difficult to step away from the patterns and relationships that led you into addiction. One of the reasons that many people opt for an in-patient rehab program is that it separates them from their addiction triggers.

However, recovery is only meaningful if you can successfully return to the real world from the clinical setting. There is nothing wrong with seeking continued support, but you must also hold a job and participate in society. Finding the resources for sober living is critical at this stage.

Support for Sober Living in Los Angeles

Sobriety and RecoverySome patients have a strong family support system that can help them stay sober outside of rehab. However, many patients discover in rehab that friction in their family is a source of their addiction. While it is important to reconcile with family members, it may not be best for a person in recovery to move back into the family system right after rehab.

As people dealing with addiction go back to work, they will be exposed to the same deadlines, conflicts, and high-pressure situations that led to their substance abuse. For many addicts, getting home from work is a triggering moment when they use drugs and alcohol to relax after a stressful day. After going through a clean and sober recovery program, former addicts may feel that the familiar patterns are too much of a temptation.

At Casa Nuevo Vida, we provide a safe option for sober living in California. We understand the importance of support in the recovery journey. When clients come to stay with us, we provide resources for the transition from an institutional rehab program to independent living.

Benefits of Sober Living in California

People looking for sober living in Los Angeles are often uncertain about where to turn. They may feel uneasy about attempting sober living on their own. Casa Nuevo Vida provides housing to meet this need. Our houses for men and women offer the freedom of returning to your career with amenities and social support to keep you on the road to wellness.

Helpful Staff

Our house managers are never far away. As a person in recovery, you never know when you need some extra help. Staff members are available 24 hours a day to support you. Also, weekly speakers come to the residences to offer talks about strategies for moving forward while staying sober.

Group Support

Lifelong RecoveryAddiction can feel lonely. Addicts have often separated themselves from family and friends. Our facilities for sober living in Los Angeles put you in a supportive environment with your peers. As you help one another, you will quickly realize that you are not alone on the journey. The person who supported you one day may need your help on the next. In addition to daily contact with these new friends, we also hold regular support groups for a more formal recovery experience.

Amenities for a Healthy Lifestyle

Having a living space that is free from drugs and alcohol is the essence of sober living. However, our homes look at sobriety in the context of recovery. Residents need resources to put the skills they learned in a clinical setting to work. Because recovery involves developing healthy habits, we supply amenities like weights and other exercise equipment. Our houses that are near beaches come equipped with boogie boards and surfboards.

Our group living facilities recognize the need for privacy and community. You will find comfortable private living quarters and well-appointed community spaces with internet access and cable television.

Healthy Meals

Self-care is an important aspect of recovery. The food you put into your body is part of the way you show respect for yourself. At Casa Nuevo Vida, we believe nutrition and wellness have a major link to the success of sobriety and long-term recovery/. Therefore, we supply three healthy meals for our residents every day, and we can adapt the menu for special diets.

We think that food should be both delicious and nourishing. Our menu options are something that our residents look for with anticipation. We intentionally choose great menu items to encourage residents to gather for group meals. A delicious dinner is the perfect setting to debrief the day, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Sober living in Los Angeles has the advantage of being near many excellent restaurants. One of the differences between the clinical setting and a sober living house is ordering food. At least once a week, we host a takeout meal for our residents. Once a month, we organize a dinner out at a local restaurant.

Social Interaction

Going from addiction to being sober is not something you need to do alone. It takes time to build trust with your housemates. To facilitate this process, we gather together our sober living residents for special events like bonfires, movie nights, and harbor cruises. Sober living in Los Angeles does not need to be boring. We want you to enjoy what this great area has to offer.

Who Should Consider Sober Living in California?

The typical candidate for a sober living house is someone who has just completed a stay at an in-patient addiction treatment center. In this case, a sober living setting provides a supportive place for continued recovery.

Relapse is often a part of recovery. Someone who has experienced a minor relapse may want to spend some time in a sober house to get back on track. The sober living setting gives them the accountability they need.

A Special Place for Sober Living in Los Angeles

If you or someone you love is looking for sobriety and recovery living in California, Casa Nuevo Vida is ready to help. We host separate homes for men and women that will assist you on the journey to recovery. Contact us today for more information.