Places in Playa del Rey to Get Sober

Playa del Rey is a coastal neighborhood of Los Angeles. Celebrated for its picturesque dunes, nearby wetland terrain, and gorgeous beach views, it's an attractive place to visit, but it's also proving to be a healthful place to live and get sober. If you're looking...

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What Is Transitional Living?

After intensive inpatient addiction therapy, a person may not be ready to return to their former life and home. Aspects of their former life could harbor temptations as well as the triggers that led them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. One option to...

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Where You Should Live After Recovery

To continue living a sober life after successful residential treatment can be challenging. You've been living with others who are reaching for the same goals as you, only to now be leaving that structured network of support and teamwork behind. There is good reason to...

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Why Transitioning to Structured Sober Living is the Right Choice

Addiction specialists and healthcare providers often refer to the recovery process as a journey. This journey is invariably made in stages. The initial stage of substance addiction recovery is often the most intense part of the process. It typically involves medical...

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The Power of Positivity to Strengthen Recovery

The power of a positive attitude has helped individuals on everything from performing better on tests to obtaining the job of their dreams. The power of positivity can also help individuals who are combating an addiction and struggling along their road to recovery....

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The 7-Step Stress Management Plan 

Stress can be a good or a bad thing. When it's bad stress, you'll need stress management activities to help relieve the pressure. Good stress allows you to quickly react to threats, such as jumping out of the way of an oncoming car. Good stress can also motivate you...

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Can You Prevent Cravings By Making Dietary Changes?

If you've spent any time in recovery, you know a thing or two about cravings. Addiction is a chronic disease, and cravings for drugs or alcohol don't automatically go away once you've completed treatment.1 The relapse-prevention techniques you learned during addiction...

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Single for Valentines Day? Here’s Why That’s Good for You

Early recovery is hard work. You're learning to navigate the world with a whole new mindset, and you're still learning to cope with stress and cravings, survive high-risk situations and stay mindful of your emotional states. During this time of growth, your most...

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What Is Pink Cloud Syndrome, and Do I Need to Worry About It?

If you've been in recovery for any length of time, you may have heard about pink cloud syndrome. This syndrome usually occurs during the early days of sobriety, and it's characterized by intense feelings of elation and happiness.1 Put simply, people in the pink cloud...

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